Change is the only Constant in our lives*

Well, having flown by with the third edging, the fourth is kicking and dragging it’s heels. Maybe it’s because I’m still knitting the edging, but not the border, and the rows never get longer than 18 stitches. (Or at least they are not supposed to.) I think I’ll do a lot better with this when I get to the actual border part of it, not the sawtoothed edging. Lets have a picture, just because.


We are not talking about the clothes in the background that need to be put away. Why? Because I said so. This isn’t the best picture I took, but I like it the best, and it hides the fact that I haven’t shaved in forever. See, you wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t said anything. I’m going for the rugged look — even though my bright red skinny jeans are probably negating that. I have a look, I just haven’t figured out what to call it yet. (Something like, “Urban Adventurer” instead of “Slovenly college student.”)

What was I talking about? Oh, right, knitting. (A what blog?) Well, I think that I’ve said everything that should be said. Last night I got pretty frustrated with my home wound center pull ball. (Not on a ball winder.) I do this because it’s proper, and what we are all always told me to do. However, it soon proved to be a tangled mass. I fixed it sure, but I grumbled about it.

The best part about this is that I know I will have enough yarn. Sure, I’ve run out of the original color, and that stuff that I used with I realized that that wasn’t going to be enough. But, the point is, that with this, my third color, I’ll have enough. (I keep look anxiously at what I have left.)

In other news, I heard on the radio today that today is the first day in 16 days that we haven’t had rain. Sure, I was starting to joke about “monsoon season” and was working on the call for volunteers to help me build the ark. But 16 days! Oh my. But, I suppose this is better than last year, when the grass was brown by June, and the garden would have been a shriveled up dust bowl if I hadn’t watered it every day. I hear my neighbor running his weed eater, and I feel the urge to go mow, even though you and I both know that I am not going to mow today. Maybe tomorrow. I also should weed the garden, but, again, I’m not. On that one though, I have an excuse, it is under water. There looked to be about an inch all over it last time I checked, and even deeper in some spots.

Yesterday it didn’t just rain, it poured. There was a tornado warning out for a little while.  I was starting to look towards the basement door, but didn’t go down, the windows have to start breaking before I’ll retreat into hell the basement.

By the time that I left with Tracy for knitting, the rain had mostly stopped, but it was then that I learned my little town here is on an island. You couldn’t leave without crossing water. We only had to turn around a few times, but what usually took 20 minutes, it took 40. And we still did have to cross some water, not a lot, but a little. We made it all right, though there was one point were there was this narrow over flown creek. So, instead of going slowly like a normal person (there were people ahead of us who crossed fine) Tracy went pretty fast so it didn’t have a chance to wash us away. At one point I looked at the grim determination on her face and burst out laughing.

Still no contact from the roommate.

* I couldn’t think of a better title, so I just wrote something that was written on a post it over top of my desk.



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