Random Blog On a Tuesday (Alt. title, “Blab, blab, blab”)

1. I found you who my roommate is to be yesterday. His name is Devin Walters. That’s about all I know about him. After I found this out, I went, well, crazy, and wasted about an hour internet stalking him. I think I found the one, but I’m not 100% sure. There are about four Devin Walters that fit the bill, meaning, they are within a few hours of Kent, have the right age, and aren’t in a Federal Prison. (Though, knowing what I know about what my life is like, it’s prison Devin. I just know it.)

2. My room also comes with a fridge and is carpeted.

3. It is also on the ninth floor.

4. This means that either I will have to get over my fear of elevators (not a big fear, like spiders, a little fear, like loud noises. Yes, I’m afraid of everything), or that “Freshman 15” won’t be an issue.

5. This also means that if the building catches on fire, I am screwed.

6. I also am at the very end of that hall too. This is what life is like for us up here in the W’s.

7. I had the Akron Beacon Journal tell me that a piece I sent them was “trite and diminutive.” It was a comedy piece, that was the point! I don’t know if this is better or worse than the “Amusing but lacking journalistic merit.” Still, the fact that I’m getting any feedback from a newspaper is promising, most of the time I hear you get a “no,” and move on. They will rue the day they didn’t publish this genius.

8. In the interest of comedy, I have to tell you my “amusing but lacking journalistic merit” one was about my fear of urinals. Yes, my career literally is in the toilet.

9.Why you all really came here — the knitting. I have reached a landmark in my knitting, namely, finishing another piece of my shawl. picture016

This picture really is the pick of the lot. I took over ten, and this is the only one that looked halfway decent. And the only one where I don’t look completely stoned. The colors are much more pronounced in real life, and I’ve discovered that the burgundy sort of washes out the brown. However, I am getting a lot closer to being done with this one. I have one more edge to go, and then done. Done, done, done. I’m really looking forward to it.

8. When I grafted the second edge to the body, the yarn kept breaking and splitting, I would have to take it out and redo some of it. When you’re grafting 200+ stitches, that is a bit of an issue. So I thought for a minute, would God smite me for doing a three-needle bind-off? Nah, he’s got bigger issues. Would Allah smite me? As long as I use the shawl to keep one of my wives from showing their faces in public. Would Jehovah smite me for this? Maybe, I am mixing the fiber’s of two different beasts, though those rules are probably a little out dated. Would Shiva smite me for this? I don’t think so — there were many zen moments of this shawl.

9. Now that I’ve fulfilled my goal of offending every major world religion, I can tell you that for the two edges, I did do a three needle bind off. Nothing bad happened. You cannot tell the difference from the right side, and to the casual observer of the wrong side, it just looks like that blip of color that comes when on the wrong side when you change colors.

10. I even crocheted the edge pieces together. It looks wonderful.


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