Sew What?

Okay, some things just don’t mix. Oil and water, bleach and ammonia, Garret and sewing.

Until today that is.

I fully intended to spend today working on the Lucifer Shawl, maybe watch a few episodes of Mary Tyler Moore, and probably write a little. Well, that was the plan, till I started reading my blogs this morning and had the sudden urge to sew a messenger bag.

You read that right.

I don’t sew. I hate sewing. I hate cutting out the pieces, and having to make sure that it’s centered right, I hate that you have iron and pin things, and ease things places. This is why I knit seamless. There is too much room for error in sewing, and too much actual to do besides actual sewing.

I come from a long line of sewers. My mother and my grandmother both did it, and I did too. When I was five and my sister was nine, my mother read us the Little House on the Prairie series. When she got to the part at Christmas when Laura found Charlotte in her stocking on Christmas morning, both my sister and I started adgitating for rag dolls.

Well, my wonderful mother sewed and sewed and sewed. And one day I had my own Charlotte, whom I called Charlotte too. And I would just like to point out to you that I can still find mine to this day, in under five minutes, and Brianna’s is locked away in the basement or attic. I always played with mine. I actually even have one of her shoes too. I played with her so much, with my sister and the girl across the street that my mother actually had to re-sew her face.

What was I talking about? Right sewing. Anyway, this morning I felt a sudden, undeniable urge to sew a messenger bag. The only problem, I didn’t have any fabric. (This will sound shocking to some of you, I know. I have some somewhere, but it’s put away, and I did want to hunt for it. Most of it is my mother’s and the one thing that I did use, I’m sure, would be the one thing that I shouldn’t have. Plus, those are mostly calico prints which really wouldn’t have been suitable for me.) Anyway, I am not one to be daunted. So I go to my closet and pull out a shirt. Well, there isn’t enough fabric in that for what I need to do, so I guess that’s out.

Then I came up with my idea. Bed sheets. Yes, I did chop up an old bed sheet to sew a messenger bag. (Relax, it was a really old one that didn’t have a matching set.) The lining fabric was one that I did steal from my mother, which, when I showed her the bag she said. “Oh, I’m glad you found a use for that.” (Tomorrow I’m going to hack up some curtains for clothes. I can’t decide if I should make play clothes, or something to entice Rhett Butler with.)

I went online to look for a pattern, but I grew frustrated with myself and just decided to take what little I knew about sewing and what I knew about bags, and just go from there.

I always remember my mother cutting out paper to make Charlotte clothes. So, I took the dimensions that I wanted, and cut and pasted paper to make a pattern. Then I saw how big that ended up, so I cut some more. I ended up with a mostly pleasing shape, a small bag, but big enough to fit a file or folder in if I needed to. Then I cut and I cut and I cut, and sewed and sewed and sewed. This is what I ended up with. (Only I’m thinner in real life. I couldn’t get an angle that would show off the bag, and not make me look like a tub of goo.)




I love the plaid lining. (Thanks Gonna!) And I love the shoulder strap that’s the perfect length and the front flap that’s the perfect length to. I love the fact that it’s totally reversible and that’s it went from an idea, to actuality, without spending a single penny and with only a few hours. (Like six, but who’s counting.)

I also love that I’m thinking about one in black and white, and then one in Kent colors. This may be an issue.

But dudes, it’s freaking awesome.

(And, my computer mouse started working today again. Now if only I could get my S, Q and X again.)



  1. I am glad you found a use for that plaid! What a great job you did and with out a pattern. Your mom was always good at making stuff with out a pattern. Me , ( your grandma) I need a pattern.

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