A Slice of Crazy Pie


The camera has died.

Well, it’s a vegetable. I can see what I want to take the picture of, but not take a picture of it. And the thing that tells you how much battery you have left, done.

I’m already over it.

Thankfully, my father has come to feel that my desk is the place for his camera, so I can steal it — I just have to remember to delete the pictures of yarn. I don’t know how he could jump to the conclusion that that was ME, but I know him pretty well by this point and he would.

Granted, I was feeling to lazy to stand up and walk the five feet to my desk, so you get computer pictures now, as you will for a while. Get used to it.

Dead Sexy. I know.

Dead Sexy. I know.


One of the biggest problems with this is that it takes about three hands to take a decent picture. (I took this one with my foot.) And I had to use my mouth. Which means you also get to see my awful teeth. I suppose I would rather have a college education than braces though.

What you see there is the edging for the TSLS, or as I have termed it. Lucifer’s Shawl. (I’m sorry if that offends anyone. And I would just like to say that when I said. “I’m sorry,” it means that I’m really not, but just saying that so I don’t hurt your feelings.)

And this brings me to my bought of insanity. Another one at least, I have these things the way that most people to laundry.

I have done something really dramatic. Like the “these fingernails will have to be trimmed,” kind of dramatic. Just call me Blanche.

I am not going to work on anything else till this shawl is done.

There, I said it.

I’m hoping all these new paragraphs will convey how serious this is.

I came this decision Tuesday night, after a number of things crossed my mind. For one thing, I’m moving into a dorm room in a few months, (actually, seven weeks to the day,)and the thing is, I’m sort of depending on this to be the light blanket that isn’t a comforter, you know. I also realized that this has been on the needles for about six months, and I’ve been working on it fairly regularly since then, I say fairly, the edgings were mostly knit when I was supposed to be working at the bookshop, and the center was done mostly while watching many episodes of Downton Abbey. And the thing is, I really want this thing to be done and over with. I mean, it’s been fun, but really, I’m ready to be done. In a way that I haven’t been with any knitting for a while now.

The border is in feather and fan, the body in white garter stitch with a few eyelet rows for interest, (read: I was about ready to die of boredom) and the edging is some simple sawtooth thing that I made up as I went. Dead simple. Really to simple.

There are 18 repeats of feather and fan in the border. (We are going to do a little bit of math here, don’t get scared.) I’ve done six of them. That means I’ve done about a third of it. (This is the best I can tell, it seems optimistic to me, and likely crushing.) This isn’t really with any unusually large amounts of knitting. I’ve worked on it a little bit during the day today, what with it being a holiday, and it’s unusual for me to knit in the daytime, but so far, I’ve not gotten anymore knitting now than I usually would. Tuesday night I knit on it while watching a movie, but that wasn’t really unusual either. So, with not really trying, I’ve done a third of it in three days. (And these rows are only going to get shorter.) that means, that this piece could be done in 9 days. And the other piece, probably something similar, so we are looking at about 18 more days. (I do have to knit another edging.) That isn’t exactly as much as I’d like, but I think I probably could try and get it down to two weeks if I really knuckle down on it.

It’s been a while since I’ve had any crazy knitting deadlines. I think I could use a little crazy. I’m undergoing my bi-weekly finance freak out, which means that I fret about college money, and then compound that with internet searches that are supposed to make me feel better, but really make me feel worse. (Relax, I’ve been doing this for about a year.) Maybe, knitting an insane amount in Shetland wool, in July will, you know, take my mind off of this. Or cause me to dehydrate to the point where I pass out, which means I still won’t be fretting about money.

Well, I guess I’m off to go knit. I really, really, do want to finish this thing.

Some days I’m off I tell you, just off.


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  1. I think the edging is gorgeous, but with the light behind you and your teeth sunk in (kidding) it’s a pretty arty shot…

    As we have home/appliance symbiosis, fair warning – I shall be resealing my deck in the next few days. Hopefully your deck is fine – mine’s a hot mess…and you can just work on the shawl while I slave outdoors.

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