Pi Shawl

I would just like to state, for the record, that I am running the dishwasher now.

I also used the garbage disposal, and it was awesome. It sucked that onion peel right in. It was wonderful.

Also, I had one of those veteran charity pick up services coming to pick up a couple of bags of things this morning. I was told to affix the donation tag to my donation. Well, I did that. I had about five bags, and I put it on the one at the back, and guess what. That bag is gone but the rest of them are sitting there. Yet another way that the universe is trying to fuck with me. (I don’t know I thought he would have noticed that ALL THE BAGS WERE THE SAME COLOR. I told the lady on the phone that I had about five bags and a few boxes. Now I have four bags and a few boxes.)

Now, to move on to something knitterly.

I know how you all hate the computer camera, but it does come in handy sometimes. Even I must admit this, and as long as I do it in a well lit room at a good angle, I believe that it is passible.

You may be the judge.


Well, in my defense, it’s really hard to take a picture of a pi shawl while it’s still on the needles, even under the best of circumstances.

It’s my experience that shawls either end up way to large, or too small, so I’m hoping to have this one end up just right. Time will tell I guess. My method for gauging if this is too large or small is essentially to put my hand at the center and pull it to stimulate blocking. By that means, I have about a foot to go, which, when a row is about 575 stitches long, is saying something. I guess that I would rather have it be too big than to small, so I’ll keep knitting. Soon, I think I’ll start the border in a darker shade of blue, (because I want to, not because I have to,) and put in a pretty lace pattern. I haven’t picked out the pattern yet, but I think it’ll be great when I do. Maybe I’ll do a wide border.

I intend for this to be sort of a scarf like thing to wear under a coat and around the neck for added warmth. (When you walk every where this really is much more important than you’d think.) And I really love the idea of having cashmere being close to the skin. This stuff is the most genuinely soft yarn I’ve ever knit with. I love it. Let me just suffice to say that any, ANY more cashmere sweaters that come into work will be coming home with me.

And time to have a quick lunch, cooked while doing the dishes before heading into the Bookshop.



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