Some Updates

(First some technical business: What this means is that I’ve forgotten to buy camera batteries, so this shall once again be a photoless blog, like a lot of mine are.)

I have something important to tell you. Something big.

I have a new lover.

Yes you read that right. Me, lover. The two of us happy ever after.

My father was the one who introduced us. I first saw him in the backseat of his car.

I am in love, I must admit it. I didn’t think I could love anyone this much. But I really do love him. He’s quiet, but so thoughtful, he keeps things clean, lives to dishes. He does what you tell him to do, and he likes it to. He takes a little while to get there, but it’s so wonderful when he does. And makes every thing so warm. I want to rub it all over my body.

His name. Frigidaire. His face is stainless steel with a butcher block on top. (I have a thing for men with a butcher block.) He even remembers what cycle I like best, which is more than I can say for anyone else I’ve ever dated. I have to hit two buttons and he does the rest. He’s certainly not a selfish lover.

And he brought his friend, the garbage disposal with him.

We’re going to have a threesome.

 . . . . . . . .

I got the dreaded knit guilt this morning. Oh, why does this happen to me. I started looking around and seeing, really seeing the UFO’s lying about. Okay, there’s only like three of them. Maybe four. But it got me thinking.

I need to finish things.

I could probably finish off the Traditional Shetland Lace Shawl in a week if I really wanted to. I’ve got a pair of socks that need a toe. That’s it, they need a toe. They need an hours knitting and they’d be done. But did I knit the toe. No, I didn’t, and I’m still not sold on the idea. Who needs socks? It’s summer. (We are over looking the fact that it’s rained for the past week or so.)

The Epaulet sweater just needs a body, and not even a whole body, but like 7\8 of one, if we are being honest. I think I could do that in a week if I set my mind to it, and gave up carrying anything else around and using the largest man purse at my defense. Maybe now that it’s a touch cooler I’ll finish up this one. I really do like it and I think it’ll make a great fall coat for this fall, before I’m able to come home and get all my winder things. (Kent is farther north, granted, about ten minutes farther north, but with the lake there (if you ask me what lake I will internet smack you) those few miles make a big difference. And I’ve been told that next year will be a brutal winter, which sounds like both a good thing and a bad thing.

What was I talking about? Right knitting. (I worry, with my bad memory, what I’ll be like when I get older. It makes me think of Nora Ephron’s I Remember Nothing. However, a ray of hope is provided because, at the clothing store, if a person wants to shop, I have to pull their information up out of the little file boxes, by their last name. I realized the other day that I waited on more people who’s name I knew then who’s name I didn’t know. Yet, I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night.)

Again, knitting. My Pi shawl is in the 500+ stitches range, so we are down the home stretch. I’ve just got about 80 more rounds to go. I’m sure that sounds like a lot, but I really don’t think it’s that much. I get to burst into a lace pattern here really soon and then have fun. I’ll be heading up to the library soon and picking out a Barbara Walker. (I know, are you shocked? I don’t own any Barbara Walkers.)I’m also thinking about doing a wide border. Really wide, like 10 inches. (I don’t know why I do this to myself.) Or maybe like 5. That sounds more doable. I’ll do a little more looking later. It’s a cashmere shawl, I’d be crazy if I didn’t want to spend more time with it.


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