I’d forgotten that Sadie is on vacation this week and next, so, I sewed on the buttons for nothing, which really pisses me off. Something about her daring to go to California in the summer — this is one of the few times Ohio is warm, why would she leave it now? (It can be argued that it’s too warm, near 90 degrees and muggy as can be.) Anyway, what’ll she do in California without her pot-smoking sweater I’ll never know. (I swear to you I just meet all the odd ones. They are attracted to me. No, you’re not one of them.)

But, on Friday as my reward, I found myself staring at the great bookcase of yarn looking for something yummy. (Normal people look in the cupboards, just saying, also, normal people don’t store yarn and food in the same place. Bite. Me.) I found myself pulling out some reclaimed cashmere from last fall I do believe. It’s a light blue, and it’s unbelievably thin. (About a lace weight, but feels really thin to me because I never use lace weight. I may be changing this.)

That isn't two strands of yarn, I just didn't want to shut off the fan.

That isn’t two strands of yarn, I just didn’t want to shut off the fan.


You know how it is when you start some new project and you just can’t get enough of it. When it’s the last thing you put down in the evening, and the first thing you pick up in the morning. (After coffee and the toilet lid of course.) This is sort of the feeling with this one. It’s still small and light enough to be portable, and let me tell you that I am abusing that quality. I have been flying with this one. I love this so much that I even worked on it on my way to work yesterday, and the way home. Granted, I only knit about six rounds in an hour, but I still got a lot done for time that would have been wasted. (You know, time not knitting = wasted time.) I got a lot of strange looks, but I get that a lot. I am making such good time with this. Of course, now that I’ve said this, progress will pretty much come to a halt, but such is life. (For a point of reference I am at the point where you work 48 rows without an increase. This makes sense if you know the pattern.) I’m doing the “concentric holes” version of the pattern, which I do about every six rows. I say about every six, because sometimes I forget.

I can’t seem to find my copy of Knitter’s Almanac, which is the book that has that pattern in it. Well, it’s pretty simple, and once you get the basic principle of doubling the stitches every time you double the rows it’s pretty much execution. EZ certainly is a big fan of “launching pads”, and this pattern is no exception.

I don’t know if it’s the cashmere content, the fact that it’s for me, the new factor, or the cashmere content. (Did I mention how much I loved this stuff. It’s like sex but better! I really just want to roll naked around in this stuff. Am I oversharing? Probably. You’ll live.)

And I think that I was starting to get a little bit better at knitting. When I was doing the tricky circular cast on where you’ve got four needles and nine stitches, I only dropped one needle. Only one, can you imagine that? I usually have at least two or three hit the floor. I’m at the 24 inch needle stage, so really from here it’s just the long haul out.

Anyone what to race and see how fast I can get this one done. I



  1. “Like sex only better”…hmmm…college life may just broaden those cashmere horizons.

    Sadly it is rather chilly in California these days, so poor Sadie may just have wished she stayed behind in Ohio. We may get rain (which is of course the top story on the news here and LA is only low 70s. Brrr. The pot is legal (ish) so no worries on that front.

    The lace fancy is very pretty and I’m always amazed that you have the patience to reclaim yarn and make it into lovely things. Kudos dude!

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