Home Upkeep and Knitting (No, I’m not knitting curtains.)

Okay, first I have to tell you all that yesterday I cleaned out that space between the bed and the wall. It only took about two hours, and really, had I known it would have gone by that quick, I would have done it a lot sooner. My bedroom looks so much bigger and my bed is so much closer to the window. What this means is the sun shines on my pillow sooner, and I get up earlier. (See, right now I am actually at my desk before ten am!!!!!) (And I’ve also discovered that the Village People are perfect music to clean to. It’s loud, energetic, and their songs are all about ten minutes long.)

Also, yesterday I got a letter! This isn’t really anything unusual, but this letter was from Rachael. (Did that link work, if not I’m sure you know Rachael. She’s that Rachael.) A little while ago, she posted her address on her blog and told people to write her letters. Well, I did, and I got a very lovely reply. You know how when you’re reading her blog you think “She can’t really be like this in person.” Well, she’s like that in her letter at least. (Which is also writing I suppose, but you must admit that it has a lot more character.)

We’ve got more news around here. (I swear, I don’t blog for one fucking day and I’ve got a backlog.) The washing machine broke. Well, the spin broke, so it would wash clothes, it just wouldn’t finish. Well, there was a period where it wasn’t spinning but if you thumped it really hard on the side and then banged the lid twice it would spin. But that system didn’t work for long. (You can imagine.) So, I wrung out the clothes in it by hand. (I was sore for a little while. Why, why, did I chose that day to wash the sheets?) And then pictured myself schlepping a laundry bag all around Wadsworth. (It would be one of those days when I really wished I wasn’t so afraid of driving.)

Well, my father took a look at it and was essentially able to fix it. It spins, it just doesn’t stop. The little switch that stops it when you open the lid, that went bad. (It essentially was reading it as being open even when it wasn’t.) So he just kind of took that out of the mix. It matches the dryer, which still spins and dries when the door is open. (I fell on the lid a number of years ago and broke that. I’m still a touch bitter that everyone’s first concern was the dryer, not me.)

Last night I reached a turning point on The Epaulet sweater. I finished the last sleeve and am now sailing down the body. (Sailing? Crawling.) The rows are about 200 stitches long, but this is pretty thick wool so it feels like more. This is one of those rare instances in knitting when I wish for a 32 inch needle. But I’ll get over it. Anyway, it’ll be slow going from here on out, with no excitement of more shaping or quick finishes of the sleeves, which is typically my pet peeve with top down sweaters. Though I do like the idea that when I finish the body that I’m pretty much done. And I was glad to try it on for a minute and I can see that I will like this sweater. At least I hope. Now, having spent some time at Kent, I certainly can imagine myself wearing this while bashing around campus. (At seven forty-five in the morning. I personally believe that if something cannot be done after eight in the morning than it simply is not worth doing. I may have to revise this policy.)

It looks rather bunched up, sort of like a woolen mess, but I like it just the same. Sure, it’s not flashy. There might not be a cashmere content, some of my knitting friends may think it feels like burlap but I love it just the same.

I will love it even more once I put on the afterthought pockets.


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  1. Yes, I can guarantee that Rachael is indeed that nice irl. I hope that increases my cool factor in your coed eyes 😉

    How funny, my washer broke too! The switch thing went here too and it didn’t do anything, just filled up and stopped. Like a big ol pot of dirty clothes steeping. Since I’m not handy, I had to have the repair dude fix the switch…who knew about that shit?

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