Sadie’s Sweater

Okay, since coming off of that college high, I’ve been able to get something done. It  goes without saying that I define “something” as something besides pacing the house and spontaneously starting to skip while singing show tunes. What this something is, well, it would happen to be of the knitterly variety. Here is a picture of the Sadie’s sweater taken in the shitty light because it is really cloudy now, and rainy, and towards the evening time.


I assure you, it doesn't glow in real life

I assure you, it doesn’t glow in real life

(As an aside, I have to tell you that a friend once told me that the cloudiest place in the United States is Medina County, where I live. I don’t know how much I believe her, but I looked it up online, and Cleveland is pretty high on the list, and it does feel like it’s very cloudy. I blame, as per usual, all the Republicans. This place is lousy with them, with more popping up all the time.)

What I’m doing now is applying I-cord all around the edges of this thing, making buttonholes as I go, and contemplating a pocket. Sadie wanted a pocket on the inside, but do to the construction of the thing, an afterthought pocket is impossible. (Come to think about it, I don’t know how I would do one of those on the inside anyway, without it showing on the outside.) Anyway, I’m starting to think about how to do it. I’m thinking something that involves picking up stitches along one side of it, knitting it together at the bottom, and then sewing it along the other edge, with some short rows to make the bottom wider than the front. (If you don’t knit, don’t worry about all that stuff, it’s not really as complicated as it sounds, at least to me.)

I just saw something on TV that reminded me of something that was written in one of my books, so I think I’m going to go and read that part before I run out of battery life.


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