I know how much we all hate to read this sentence on a knitting blog, but I have been pretty busy recently. By writing this, I realize that I am thereby subjecting myself to your contempt, and also suggesting that those of you who are getting a few rows done, are less busy, and therefore, less socially adept peoples. But that is not at all what I am trying to say, far from it as a matter of fact, but I merely was trying to make a point.

Here’s a picture I took of the Epaulet sweater this morning on my way out the door. As you can see, it really hasn’t grown much since we last had a little look-see at it, but, I, as a person, have grown a lot since then so bite me.

Ignore the dirty laundry if you would be so kind. That is a really, really bad picture, but I don’t really care. Most of my pictures are bad, so I’m rather used to it. And, by not posing in this picture, I am putting one less picture on the internet of me looking stoned. I’m sure you’re happy for that.

I would begin to write things about this sweater here. I would write to you about how well or badly the pattern is written. I would tell you about the yarn that I’m using, and the gauge that I am getting with it. I would be telling you moderations that I am making to it, and how much I’m loving or hating the knitting of it. I would be telling you all of this, but I’ve told you before, and I am worried about starting to sound like a broken record. You really can only say so many things about a sweater before it starts to get a little old, you know? No matter how great a pattern is you still will sooner or later run out of things to say about it.

And I think that, at least for now, I’ve reached that point on this sweater. I am certainly not a fan of “look at my two new inches” style of blogging, but I am sinking down the inevitable decline into doing so. Ah, we all have our issues. I’ll finish this off sooner or later. (My money is on later, just saying.)



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