Kent State

Well, my orientation came and went and I have to tell all of you that I have come to the conclusion that I really do believe that college is not for me, and that I’d be better, say, doing taxes for the rest of my life, supplementing my income there with a little casual waiting tables in a greasy diner. A little apartment, maybe a car, or just a large bike, no kids, no love life, and about 70 cats, I’ll be happy with that.


I had a great time, aside from having to sit in auditoriums for hours and hours on end, I really did enjoy myself. I was super busy, but even with that I found time to have a little fun and make some new college friends. We sat up late on Monday night and laughed and laughed, telling horrible jokes which was really funny considering all ten of us had slept about a half hour a piece.(Since Sunday morning I’ve slept about five hours.)  My roommates wheezed a lot, but I couldn’t sleep anyway so that wasn’t that big of a deal. (He snores, She Wheezes, Say housework and he freezes. Come on, I can’t be the only Buffy fan.)

I met my advisor, who really likes me and the feeling is mutual. I’m in one of those “living learning community” things, so that means that I really didn’t get to pick a lot of my classes. However that’s not that big of a deal, because it’s all stuff I had to take anyway. And, I’ll be taking them with people who live with me, mostly for study purposes.

The only problems with my schedule are, the 7:45 Intro to Literary Studies class. And it’s at the other end of campus from my Dorm room too. And I’ve got 15 minutes to go from Philosophy, to Math, and they are far from each other. I’ll be that person running across campus. However, all but one of my classes are part of the beautiful old buildings that were the original Kent Campus. They are sort of like the Greek Temples, only modern and with Air Conditioning.

(And, you may not know this, but Kent State is famous for all the black squirrels there. That is a bit of a joke around here, but it is true. You look down from the top of a hill and you can see about a dozen of them. This morning I was closer to a squirrel than I have ever been in my entire life. I was like a foot away, and the squirrel wasn’t even moving. It gives me shivers.)

There you have the highlights of my orientation. I can’t wait for this fall.

And I think it will be days before I stop having the urge to writing “Flash” in front of everything.



  1. Once again I have been proved very gullible, because up until “… no love life, and about 70 cats,” I thought your first paragraph wasn’t a joke. And I was there when you were bouncing around the shop on Tuesday, showing your schedule to everybody in the store, ha ha. But you really deserve to be happy about being an official college student, and I really need to learn to stop being so gullible (it’s gotten better over the years, I swear…). Congrats again!

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