Rainy Day Knitting

Well, I’ve got my Destination Kent State in about three and a half days, and dudes, am I ever freaked out. Like I said last night at knitting, “I’m so freaked out about this my testicles are contemplating jumping back into my body.” (Have you noticed you I sort of just say whatever I think? It’s very freeing.) Destination Kent State is what a normal, non-freaky liberal college would call orientation. (Not that I mind a freaky liberal college, I am a freaky liberal. I applied to go to this commune/college in Utah about a year ago. They said no.)

Anyway, I’m sure everything will go fine. (I’m writing all the reassuring comments for myself.) But, that still doesn’t get rid of that floppy feeling in my stomach. I can only imagine the wreck that I’ll be this fall. (I could be a barber. That would be fun.) It’ll be nice to know when exactly I’ll be starting, and more importantly, what I’ll be studying. (I really want to take ballroom dancing for my phys. ed. requirement.) And I’ll have an advisor, and a money person who essentially can tell me how very financially screwed I am.

 . . . .

It’s raining today. The world is a grey mess, damp and dreary. This morning I got up, and my bedroom was filled with damp grey grey-ness, and I wasn’t waking up in a pool of golden sunlight. (I know, I’m so lucky that I don’t have to be up at dark o’clock.) Oh, that was one of the times when I really loved being unemployed, and was able to roll over, and sleep a little more. (I dreamt that I was painting an apartment with this ex-cokehead. It was an odd dream, and he kept making stupid jokes.)

Days like these I don’t really work at my desk, but I prefer to sit on the living room floor and read knitting blogs and write books with the carpet for company. Actually, days like these I really prefer to curl up and knit while drinking coffee and watching many episodes of Sex and the City. Granted, between the rain and the coffee, all it really does is make me want to pee, and to do that really quickly. It’s also, with being cooped up in the house, and all the coffee that my ADD flares up, which means, while I think about curling up and knitting I really don’t do that, but pace around my house and wave my hands around, talking to myself. (Not really myself, imaginary people that I make up to talk to when I’m alone. I swear that isn’t as crazy as it sounds. They don’t tell me to do anything.)

In the knitting field, I have managed to, despite ADD insanity, get on to the sleeve, the last sleeve, of Sadie’s sweater. I really need to knuckle down on this one and finish it off. I am doing my best and may even stay home tonight and work on it then. (I said may.) Sleeve knitting isn’t a lot, so I reasonable should be able to finish this off in a week, but I’ve been saying that for about three weeks now, so we’ll see if it holds water. (The thing is, if I keep saying it, it will sooner or later be true.

She likes the colors, which is all that really matters I suppose because here pretty soon I’ll be saying bye-bye to this sweater. In my mind it looks like Bob Marley joined the Navajo tribe and took up knitting. But, she likes it. So, I’m working this, and I’ve already spent the money that I’ll earn for it. (I’m buying a shit-ton of cheap, but well reviewed knitting needles on Amazon.)


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