Traditional (mostly Shetland) Lace Shawl

Lord this thing is going to be the death of me. However, when/if it does kill me, I love it so much that I hope it shall be my shroud.

To knit an object this large at . . . 6.5 stitches to the inch takes some . . . tenacity. (I think that’s the right word, some English major I am.) It also takes a streak of masochism a mile wide. I thankfully have both. When it’s all said and done (read: blocked) This will be taller than I am. Really taller than I am. I have been working on this since about January, but very off and on though. In it’s pithy unblocked state it still comes up to my nose. (Does anyone have a space where I could block this thing. And, I’ll probably have to pick up another 250 pack of pins. The original 250 won’t be enough.) Let me show you a shot.


I assure you, aside from a few coffee stains, it is all white and that shading is just the light. Seriously, this thing is big. It has more stiches then two sweaters in it. I know that because it is entirely made out of recycled yarn. You’re looking at about 1.75 extra large men’s sweaters. I don’t have enough brown for the other sides. I’m dealing with it. It was mostly knit while working at the bookshop, and watching episode after episode of Downton Abbey.

In the side of that photo you can see my Epaulet sweater sitting beside my desk. I work a few stitches on it when I’m reading something or waiting for a page to load, or while I’m trying to think of a way to get out of writing. (It is my process.) It is making slow but sure progress. I’ve knit about four rows on it since Wednesday. I’ve been trying to get a move on with Sadie’s sweater, though I’m not nearly making as much progress I would hope. Ah, well, what can you do. (Work on learning to say no, that’s what you can do. I really have to tell myself. “You’re a horrible evil bitch. It is okay for horrible evil bitches to say no.” I oddly do have a problem saying no, but have no problem with being a horrible evil bitch, such another paradox of me.)




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