Is this a knitting blog?

Okay, despite the fact that I don’t really think I’ve been knitting much, I have been making progress. I think it really is because knitting is pretty much my natural state of being. I don’t say that to be dramatic (Because I would never do that!) but simply as a fact. When I knit, am an pretty much a calm, contended person (mostly). When I’m not knitting, I can be. It’s like a light switch, I flip on that professional switch and am fine. But, that switch often gets un-flipped by some unsuspecting person who doesn’t know I am about thirty seconds away from maiming them to a point where they need to eat their pizza after it’s been through a blender. I use knitting sort of like a buffer to temper the more unpleasant parts of my personality. (This may be why I’m unemployed.)

Anyway, I’m starting to think about knitting. Nothing I’m knitting, but I really want to knit something new. Everything around here feels so . . . done. Only, NONE OF IT IS ACTUALLY DONE!!! This poses a problem that I am working on solving. The two favorite solutions are to either knit, or move to Belize and get a job with the DEA and bust crack lords. I don’t think that last one would work, but it would be wonderful book material. I couldn’t blog about it though . . . .

I actually do have several posts worth of stuff to share. I’ll dole it out to you all in parcels. (This really is just to prevent me sitting behind my desk, going “What the fuck am I going to write about?”)


I look fat.

I look fat.

As always, ignore the angry look on my face. Ignore the dominatrix angle I’m standing at and ignore the mess in the background. (I believe that people who chose to do things like knit sweaters and dance around in their underwear instead of cleaning to be very deep people, at leas this is what I’m telling myself.)Oh, and this also has benefit of showing you my $20,000 T-shirt. (When I first got it I kept calling it my “free” shirt, then I realized that I am paying for it somewhere along the line. Maybe that vague “fees” category. Also, that “free” New York Times in the Student Center? “Fees”.) Anyway that very unflattering pic is of what I have so far of my Epaulet Sweater. I really like it, even though it is a bore to knit. The shoulders hang very well, even more so when you have a sleeve attached to it. This sweater doesn’t see a lot of action, really only when I’m at knitting and maybe at the coffeehouse. But I still managed to finish up a sleeve. The sleeve is very much a bloused sleeve, which I’m not really fond of, but it will be nice as sort of a fall coat. I see it being pretty warm with a dark blue shawl/scarf. I plan to put a dark blue I-cord edging on it, with either sneaky button holes or those really pronounced ones that I can’t remember the name of. They are kind of like a loop. I’m sure you know what I mean. ~Thoughts and Comments Section~

  •  It really irritates me when a Kindle book is cheaper than a Nook book, not that I would buy either one really. If I buy a book, I want a book.
  • I might bake a cake today. It’s been a while since I’ve done any baking, and I won’t heat myself out of house and home because somebody turned on the AC Wednesday knit while I was at knitting and unable to defend my post by the thermostat.
  • I discovered the best blog today. (You may not like it as much as I do) . (I tried to do that neat link thing that other people do all the time on their blogs, but I couldn’t figure it out.) It’s essentially about this man who knits teddy bears for a living. You read that right. A grown man who pays the bills by knitting teddy bears. Is that not the most awesome thing ever! I find it very sexy, just saying. I love it!!!

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