Random Wednesday

Well, I can’t really think of a comprehensive way to babble about everything on my mind, so you get random blogging. (Lucky you)

1. I am writing this in my underwear. You read that right. I went running this afternoon, came home, took a shower, and now am sitting here in my underwear writing this.

2.On Monday we at the bookshop (I say we, though I had nothing to do with the following) changed the display. The old one was books that were made into movies, the new one is travel (and not the greatest they’ve ever done either, not that I would ever have an opinion on such). My point, and I do have one, is that the old display had a bunch of movie posters in them. Small reproductions, but still pretty cool. I found them in the recycling. They are now sitting about an arms length from me. underneath a pile of notebooks and paper. (One could make the argument that my whole desk is a jumble of paper, but I swear that there is a method. Like that’s the college pile, that’s the closet pile, that’s the “professional” writing pile, that’s the personal writing pile. See, not that crazy) I really like them and they remind me in some eerie way of Dawson’s room on the creek.

3. I am almost done with my re-reading of The Object of My Affection. Still get teary eyed thinking about it.

4. Speaking of tears, I have been an emotional basket case here recently. I alternate between sobbing my eyes out, and being my usual sarcastic raging bitch. There is no middle ground. I don’t really care. It’s entertaining at least. (And around here, you have to make your own entertainment.)

5.I’ve started the second half of Sadie’s sweater, but haven’t made a lot of progress on it, namely because I’ve had more important things on my mind. I’ve knit about five or six ridges on it, which, when a row is greater than 200 stitches, that means something. I’ve almost finished with the TSLS edging, at least for that one more side, which means I only have to knit, I don’t know, about 20,000 more stitches till it’s done. (I’m not really exaggerating either. That really is an educated guess about how many are left. )

6. I can’t really think of what else to say, at least things that are not bordering on the expressly personal, so I guess I’ll go for now.


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