The men are all wearing panty-hose*

Is there anything better than good news in the mail? I think not. I just got a letter from Kohls Cares, which is essentially a scholarship program, telling me that I’m moving on to what they term as “regionals”. That means I’m a lot closer to, you know, winning. I was so thrilled because of this, as you can well imagine. It’s for exemplary service in a volunteer position, which people, if I haven’t been exemplary, I don’t know what is.

Not only is this for 1,000 dollars, but I also can extract another 1,000 from KSU due to their matching program. Awesome right? Well, we can see if I win.

But I will win, because I well, have got more volunteer hours in one year, than most people do in their life. I had over 250 last year at one place, and over 100 at the other. The year prior I was over 50 at the one place, and probably close to 50 at the other. This year, I’ve gotten over 150, so people, I do a lot. So, I’m pretty optimistic. Granted, I was raised Methodist, so that may be related. Anyway, I still think I’ve got a good chance.

And, even if I don’t win, they still sent me a $50 dollar gift card. I’ll take what I can get. (I do need new underwear . . . ) And it is an honor. (He says in British accent, while making sweeping gesture.)

So, the knitting. Sigh, that’s really all that I can say on the subject. Sigh. I’ve been knitting some, but not really anything amounting to anything. I’m at that phase of my knitting where I’m knee-deep in a lot of stuff, and that means that it will be a while before I finish anything. The TSLS — that’ll be several more weeks, at the rate that I’m going. The top-down epaulet sweater — still on the first sleeve, no body. The socks, if I would ever work on them, could be done in a few days, they only need half a foot and a small toe. Sadie’s sweater is about half done, but I’m not working on it till I see her next and make sure that this half fits. So, that’s where I am, Project summary in less than 100 words.

Now, off to go online shopping. I would go to a store, but I really, really love packages. (Like enough to pay for shipping.)

*I couldn’t think of anything else for a title.




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