I’m starting to feel a little bit better, but that may very well just be the Advil talking. I took three yesterday, and felt pretty good till the evening, so today, I’m talking two, and we are just going to see how well this goes. The fact that it is slowly starting to feel a little bit better, leads me to think that it is indeed just a virus, that a doctor is unnecessary and a waste of money, and I’ll do just fine on my own. Granted, this is just my feeble attempt to avoid having them shove a tongue depressor down my throat. I hate that. I loathe that. There has got to be an easier way. Can’t they just look and see? It seems like an awful lot of fuss. “Yes, I can see the back of your throat. Now I need to feel it.”

My father is working second shift this week, which means I’ve got him underfoot all week till two o’clock. He is pretty easy to work around, not like my mother who doesn’t know the meaning of “Why are you breathing like that?” (It really means “If I don’t get two seconds away from you in the next two seconds, than I shall start to internally combust and light the house on fire.”) Granted, this morning, I’m sitting at my desk doing something, he comes out of his room, and without so much as a “good morning,” he asks me, “Could you make up some coffee?”

My inner bitch wanted to retaliate with “Make your own coffee,” but I have learned that people do not often take kindly to the IB. She is crude, loud, she smokes in inappropriate places, swears about every third word, and just generally acts in a way that most people I know would not let me get away with. And had I not made coffee that morning, that’s probably what I would have said. Also, I couldn’t say that, namely because I, well, I had coffee made. Anyway, all this is merely a round about way of saying I’ll be a little frazzled this week.
(Also, spending the evenings with just my mother and the baby will probably drive me into becoming some raging psychopath that doctor Freud would have a field day with.)

I’m almost finished with the first half of the body on Sadie’s Sweater. I’m going to do a little I-cord around the cuff of the sleeve, sew the sleeve seem, graft the body together, and wet block it to get a full view of what it would look like. Then I plan to try it on her, to see how it fits. Hopefully all will go well.

I probably won’t see her till Thursday at the earliest, so I’ve got a week free, essentially, from working on her sweater. (Which is fun to knit, sure, but it’s not for me, so I really can only devote a certain amount of interest to it.) I’ll probably use this as a chance to return to my Epaulet sweater, because a week of 80+ temps really makes me see the sense of knitting a thick wool sweater. (I keep telling myself that Kent is closer to the snow belt than Wadsworth, but not by that much.)

That will do for today.



  1. I’m sorry you’re sick again! I’m glad you think you’re getting better – poor dude!

    I think it might be a good thing getting sick since you’re getting antibodies to fight the germs you’ll find at school. So maybe that’s the small, annoying upside? Plus you’ll have a student health center at school so doctor visits won’t be out of the question…right?

    The first year I was a flight attendant I got every damn sickness going. After that (and I just finished 14 years) I could pretty much lick the patients in the TB ward and be fine. Sure we all get sick, but the more antibodies you build up the better. Be sick now when you don’t have homework to get on with.

    Take care!

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