Yarn? What Yarn?*

Okay, I wasn’t going to post today, but I have to say something.

I may have to much yarn.

Pick yourself up off the floor.

You, in the back, stop laughing, that’s not nice, and you have the laugh of a hamster on meth.

Anyway, yes, I may have to much yarn. I was sorting was cleaning up the stash today when this thing hit me. I’m making a little sweater for Sadie at the coffeehouse. I’m charging her $50. I told her that was just to cover the cost of the yarn, but that isn’t entirely true considering I’ll be using leftovers, unraveled store bought sweaters (which, being pretty high up at a consignment clothing store, means I get them for free) and two skeins that were a present from Cindy. Anyway, some of that stuff was stored in the Rubbermaid capsule, which is buried underneath more fiber, so that kind of meant that I had to do a little bit of stash diving. And it is odd how you forget getting things. Like there was this one big mound of roving, an alpaca and wool blend, and it took me about five minutes to figure it out. Really, I get fiber from about two places — The shop, and Wooster (Two weeks people!) Anyway, I sat there looking at it. I have no recollection of buying a wool/ Alpaca blend. None. I would never buy that — it is so much cheaper now to buy just Alpaca (the bottom fell out  of the market. I bought two pounds of fiber from this independent grower for about 20 dollars. )

Oh, right, that was a present from Fay. Right. That was the one that I dropped on my way back from knitting on a really rainy night, with the wind blowing, and by the time I realized it was gone it was already in the neighbors yard and kept blowing as I chased it. How could I forget that?

Anyway, A lot of it are single skeins, or maybe two of a color. Great for scarves and mittens and things, but not so good for garmets — which is mostly what I knit. Anyway, I guess that is just the way things go. But I am picturing a lot of phone conversations over the next few years that go something like this: “Hi Dad, how are you? I’m fine? Real busy here at college. Yeah. Could you come get me for the weekend? Great. Oh, maybe go out to dinner, see a movie, you know.  I need to do some laundry, all out of yarn . . . . ”

Anyway, I’ve thought about it, and well, most of the cheap acrylic nonsense is on it’s way out to a charity. I don’t have the room to store it, and really, if it comes down to it, I’ll unravel old sweaters for yarn. Even the cheap cotton ones are better than the Red Heart.

Okay, I think you all will appreciate this. I was just sitting here, typing this, and I took a little break to go out and get the mail. Lo and behold, my Knit Picks order is here. (Thanks Silvia!!)  Holy shit that was fast! I ordered that, Tuesday I think. I don’t think it even left them until Wednesday. This is Friday. Wow. I didn’t get fancy shipping either.  Great!

Of course, now all I want to do is start something with it. Never mind I’ve got two sweaters on the needles, one with a deadline, a shawl, and a pair of socks.

I can do something with it when I finish Sadie’s Sweater. (The Gonarreah Sweater if you must ask. Or Rorschach.) That’s just what I’m saying to light a fire under me.

*And yes, that title is related to an old Yarn Harlot Joke. I’m feeling pretty harlot-y now, considering I just want to go slide around naked in the Peruvian Wool downstairs. I’ll resist that urge.


  1. Yay for new yarn! I’m glad you found something for a new project…can’t wait to see what you make!

    I’m always surprised when I poke through my yarn container in the garage. Yes, it’s one of those big lidded plastic tubs. I used to have about 2.5 of those tubs but one day I went through them and just got rid of stuff I knew I’d never use or just didn’t like anymore. It took some effort but it was worth it. I should probably do that for my fabric habit but we won’t speak of that…

    So get rid of stuff, organize and just don’t worry about it.

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