Breaking the Code and brief knitting

Just a few minutes ago, I violated the receptionists code. To those of you who haven’t answered phones for a living, there is an unwritten code within all receptionists that you will be as calm and polite as possible when dealing with people on the phone. I truly believe that everybody should have to work the phones at some point in their life, because they then learn that the person at the other end of the line is a real person with real feelings and that they don’t have this magic wand that they wave to make everything better. Often times they are drones who are paid minimum wage and often don’t receive the information that they need to properly do their job, especially if they work at a Tax preparation firm. Anyway, I’ve been working on work-study for a while now, just to fill in the 18,000 dollar gap that I’ll need to fill this fall. And I’ve been getting pulled around for a while by the FA office. Today, after twenty minutes on hold (relax, I knit) I finally talked to a person, and one who knew what she was doing. I told her what I was looking for, and then she proceeded to give the e-mail address of the work-study guy. Then something snapped. I said something mean, something about wanting a phone number, something that may, MAY have involved some four letter words. Anyway, all I got was the e-mail address. (And I’d like to apologize to the poor student worker. It was not her fault.)

The main reason I wanted the phone number is because I really need that money (I don’t know why, but money I have to work for, instead of borrow, seems more like free money — don’t ask me why) and it is much easier to ignore and email then a phone call. And, having been a receptionist, and a Waugh to boot, I am wonderful on the phones — provided that I’m making the outbound call.

Anyway.  Last night I folded the TSLS on its center square to see how close it is to being square. Pretty close. At least I think, if you can fold a square on the diagonal then it’s a perfect triangle, (and I think I’m college material) right? I think so. However, I was going my the Zimmermann thing where, in garter stitch the same number of stitches is equal to the same number of ridges. Going by that definition, I still have a lot to go. But a square is a square, right? That’s what I think, probably just because it means less knitting. Judges, can I get a ruling on this one? The thing is already big enough, and I certainly am ready to see the tail end of this one.

However, for all of its bigness, it still is very light, and very warm. This thing would be perfect for reading on the porch in the fall. However, this fall I won’t have a porch. Ah well, it will still be warm and beautiful. I’ve started the edging for the other edge, just three to go. Maybe I’ll see this one done before my birthday.

There’s some wishful thinking if I ever saw it. My birthday is in 11 days, so unless I suddenly grow two more hands, that isn’t going to happen, unless it’s my birthday next year.



  1. Sometimes you just snap – it happens so move on. If you talk to her again, apologize and she’ll appreciate that. When people are mean to me at work I just make a note that they will not be receiving CPR or assistance off the smoldering airplane. It makes me feel better…

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