Some knitting and a Spring Afternoon in the sun

I’ve spent the morning and most of the afternoon at the yard sales in a nearby village, in sort of Amish Country, but not really. I didn’t buy a lot — I usually don’t buy anything at these sorts of things — what with me working in a consignment store, and also being a pretty picky person. But I love, love to look at other people’s things, and to see what the dollar value that they put on them are –either way to much or never enough. I know, it’s such a cheap thing, to want to see the prices, but I can’t help myself, I just love it.

Oh, but it was the perfect day. The sun was shining, it was warm but not hot, there was a breeze and it seemed like all the flowers were in bloom. I ended up going with my mother, my aunt, my cousin, and the baby and we had such a great time. Christi bought Oliver a pinwheel that moved when you pushed the stroller, which he loved. We lost my mother there for a while, just temporarily, she had to pee and couldn’t find her way back to the rest of us. But we did find her and I went running when I finally found her. She’s alive! And I can stop looking for her.

We bought that Fair Lemonade, the kind where they squeeze the lemons and shake it in front of you. I love that stuff. I ate a smoked chicken that the fire department was selling (and I just realized the cuteness of that, smoked chicken, fire department, get it?) It wouldn’t yield to the pithy plastic knife and fork that they gave me, so I pulled it apart with my fingers and ate it like that — much to my chagrin. Oh, but it was so delicious. My mother bought those French Waffles, the fried dough that’s mostly air and powered sugar. They were so goooood, but messy. My cousin had never had one, so my mother handed her one, and as she went in to bite it, Snap! The thing broke into about a hundred pieces and she had powdered sugar all over her. I laughed so hard, I couldn’t stop. She was covered — I didn’t know that there was that much powered sugar in one of those things — and the funniest part was when my mother promptly did the same thing. Mine was fine.

. . . .

I’ve recently started looking around at all the stuff I have on the needles and it has occurred to me, for the first time in a while, that I’ve got to many things on the needles. They all seem to be jockeying for my attention and I really don’t have a lot of attention to give to any of them. Let’s do a little list of what’s going on. (And  I need to take a few pictures)

1. The Traditional Shetland Lace Shawl or TSLS — This thing has been on the needles for months. I can’t remember what the actual date was, but I remember I was working tons, so that was probably early February. Yup, so this thing has been on the needles for almost three months. (Which is funny because I started the original one at the end of May — certainly giving this pattern the longest taking one.) This picture doesn’t really convey how very large it is. It is fucking huge. (And my grandmother reads this, but I truly believe that my use of profanity is perfectly justified considering how HUGE this thing is.) Let me give you a little perspective, I am a little over six feet tall, and this thing comes up to my nipples. (I couldn’t think up a better word. What, my man breasts?) And I’m not done either. I pretty much plan to keep knitting until I run out of white — the math won’t quite add up, but I can fudge the numbers and it’s not that bad if a shawl’s edge has a bit of a ruffle. And there will be another appx. one foot brown stripe at the other end, so this thing will probably will be taller than I am. That thing is big. Just plain big.

2. The Epaulet Sweater, the one that was originally designed for EZ’s grandson Cully. I started this about two weeks ago, really just in the heat of the moment — I am not sure why I started it to be perfectly honest. I guess I just wanted to start something new — I’m sure you understand that. It’s knit out of a recycled wool that I pulled out of a sweater last spring and have been waiting for something just right to use it for. I think that I’ve found it. I’m pretty happy with the way that it is shaping up. For the most part the daunting shaping is pretty straightforward, just one little point where Elizabeth tells you to measure from a certain point and the way she words it, you have no idea what the hell she’s talking about — but that isn’t that unusual for Elizabeth. I’ve finished the increasing for the shoulders (it’s top down) and am now slugging through the miles and miles of garter stitch that make up the body. I love me some garter stitch though. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

3. A pair of socks that I’ve been kicking around (no pun intended) for a little while.  The yarn is Sockima Colori that I picked up at Wooster 2 (?) years ago. I love this color way, it being one of those cool self striping ones. The pattern is the one that I was born with in my head. (I’ve actually refined it over the past few years.) I need to get a move on with these — sock weather is almost over, that, and I want to get started on my Christmas Socks. The yarn is a joy to knit with as always, and the colors are some of my favorite. (No grey though.) I’m about four rows off with my stripes, so these won’t be either identical, nor fraternal.

That brings me to another sidebar that I meant to mention. There is this woman who occasionally comes to knitting, and she insists, insists that if your stripes are not matching that you have knit them wrong, they will never be wearable, and that you should rip them out this second and fix them, least their non-matching burn your corneas. I gave her That look. (I’m sure you know that look.)

It doesn’t seem like much, but when I thought that I still had my Icelandic/ Raglan Sweater on the needles, and on Thursday I was wheedled into knitting a sweater for Sadie, a Rorschach sweater, (or a Gonorrhea sweater if you will). She wants it to be in Reggae colors, so she can “Smoke pot in it when I go to California.” Those were her exact words, I kid you not. I swear I just meet these people — I don’t know why. She’s a nice girl and I like her, as a friend, and I do have issues with saying no, you all know this. (I hope it will make me very popular in college, okay?)



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