Getting Icelandic

It turns out that the little warm spell that we had last Thursday was just a fluke and it really is still winter. Don’t get me started on that one. Last Thursday was a wonderful day though. It was nearly eighty degrees. I wore shorts and sandals and linen, and thought about carrying my water bottle, instead of putting it in my backpack. Tom told me at the coffeehouse that it was to hot to knit. (Tom wouldn’t know — he doesn’t knit.) We had the air conditioning on at the store.

Then things took a turn for the worst and Saturday I woke up to snow on my neighbor’s roof. If that doesn’t take the will to go on right out of a person than I don’t know what could. It was cold once again, though I was able to read outside for a little bit in the afternoon sunshine, freezing my ass off the whole time though — and wearing a thick sweater and a shawl. The sun felt good though, and I was perfectly fine with being cold — living here in the north, one gets used to it. (One of the problems with in-state/out-of-state tuition, they are trying, I swear that it is a conspiracy to keep people from cold places in those places. Ask any college bound student where they would rather go to school, Ohio, or say California. What would you say?) (As an aside, I would just like to point out that my dream school was in the Rocky Mountains — even colder, I am a living paradox.)

But, things are shaking around these here parts. Last night as I came home from the coffee-house, I noticed that the cherry trees are in bloom. Oh, that is the prettiest thing that I’ve seen in a long time — a tree, all white and in bloom in the moonlight. I’ll take a picture next week if I think to.

I went running this morning, and I think, that as a direct result of breathing in all that cold air — I have developed a hacking bronchial cough like some Dickensian street urchin. I haven’t exactly been breathing the best this past week but today, just sitting at my desk I feel like I can’t catch my breath. Anyway, I’ll feel better in a little bit. Just needed to complain a little bit.

Okay, now that I’ve through the “Shouts and Murmers” section of this blog post it’s time to move on to the knitting, let’s see where we are at.

Yesterday I did my sewing and cutting for my steeks on my Icelandic yoke/Raglan sweater — which is a sweater that I knit so fast that it just sort of appeared. Especially because it came in the “dark” time here at the blog. It really is probably the least documented sweater that I’ve knit since I started the blog. All I’ve got left to do on it is the putting on of the buttons, and the putting in of the pockets, oh, and block it.

Let’s look at the general feeling for this sweater at this point. I can tell that is will not be one of my favorite sweaters. You just know. It’s a little big on me, and well, I just don’t care for it. However, the feeling may change, because it will surely look different when I put the buttons on it, and when I put the pockets on it, I will certainly like it more — every time that I look down I’ll feel super clever, which, believe me, I need.

I just can tell that it won’t be one of those sweaters that I put on when I feel that my T-shirt isn’t warm enough. The sweater that you put on when you get cold in the afternoon — one that always looks good on you, fits you like a dream, the color compliments you, and better yet, you had fun knitting. (For me this sweater is the Fishtrap Aran, which shall be my shroud someday, I swear it will be.) This Icelandic/Raglan sweater will be the one that I have to think to wear — not one that I wear like it’s my uniform.

Here are a few steeking photos, what the hell, it is the weekend.

The Kangaroo Pouch -- I think that this is pre-cutting

The Kangaroo Pouch — I think that this is post-cutting

Cutting the Kangaroo Pouch

Cutting the Kangaroo Pouch

Cutting the front steek

Cutting the front steek

Oh, by the way, I took an online quiz called “What Downton Abbey Character Are You?” And I found out I was John Bates. Huh, kind of fitting, I still walk with a limp some days. And I am a very secretive person.


  1. Snow! In April! Sorry dude! We’re at 84 today in California where the out of state tuition would be craycray.

    I adore the pop of red in the yoke. That really is a great detail. I think it may just grow on you even it does turn out to be a bit big. It would look great with skinny jeans and a scarf – you’d be in the euro trash ballpark and totally cute.

  2. I was Lady Sybil. I kind of wish I would have been the Dowager Countess. You are still knitting beautifully, Garret. I’m poking along at a snail’s pace. Which coffee house do you favor for knitting? Maybe I’ll pop in and we can catch up one night.

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