Thanks to a reader gift, who shall remain without a name, I know am able to type an s, a q and an x, but dudes, I really only cared about the s. The other letters are perfectly lovely letters, but they really don’t see the action that the s sees. ( I will admit that there was a brief time where I had a few thoughts of writing this blog like I had a lisp, but I could easily see how that could grow tiresome — because working without an s wasn’t?) Anyway, I now have something to use. I probably pick up another one as funds allow, because this one tends to stick, and I often end up typing 700 f’s in a row. Not that I’m complaining, you’d never catch me doing something like that, I’m just stating what I obvious.

Anyway, because I’ve got so much blab that’s never been blabbed, you get the blog in random form.

1. Due to the recent technology woes, I’ve recently started thinking about the role that the blog plays in my day to day life. I started it a few years ago, simply because I was lonely, and wanted a way to connect with the world. Being a writer is a curious life, and you often feel like you’ve been locked away in an ivory tower — due to things like e-mail, and digital submissions. I guess that it sort of became a way for me to talk to people when there was no body else around.

But now things are different. I mean, just a month or so ago, I was working three job (Tax place, bookstore, clothing store, all part time) in addition to writing (or attempting) to write 1000+ words a day, keep the house clean to a passible degree, have a less than desirable home life, and write the blog, and knit. Not to mention I still had friends that I wanted to see, people I wanted to date, and books I wanted to read. (I must admit, if it hadn’t been for the blog and my friends I never would have gotten through that . . . stressful period. I could have dealt with busy work okay if it hadn’t been compounded by living with my sister and her mate. And I’d like to give a huge shout out to Tom, who really was my saving grace. I laughed so hard one night when I went to the coffeehouse after work in my full “office casual” uniform, and he said, horrified, “You look like some kind of a  . . . BANKER or something.” I still chuckle. )

2. While I’m talking about work, I have to say that as of Monday I am OFFICIALLY unemployed. And people, it feel great! I never thought I would be so happy to be out of work. No more making coffee, no more angry people on the phone. (Nobody ever called to see how I was doing. It was nine times out of ten, “Where’s my money?” or “Get rid of those stupid liberty dancers.”) And I’d just like to say that ANYTHING with the statue of liberty on it is enough to send me into an involuntary spasm.

3. You don’t really get  how thrilled I am with being out of work. It is almost noon today, and I am not wearing pants!!!!! (Granted I’ve got to work at the clothing store tonight, so I will have to make myself somewhat presentable. But who cares?)

4. Okay, let’s take a minute to talk TV. Downton Abbey. I am obsessed with this. Obsessed I tell you. I’m sitting at my desk writing this, but my heart isn’t in it. It couldn’t be. All that I really want to do is go downstairs, make some tea and pop in a video. I’ve only got about seven or so left till I’m all caught up and then will have to wait till fall like everybody else. Oh, this was positively met in the stars that season two came the same fateful day that I spilt water on my keyboard. Through a variety or sources I’ve been able to borrow the DVD’s and am utterly hooked, so much so that my thoughts are being narrated by an English accent. I am not kidding.

5. Over the past few days I’ve been stepping out on the current sweater, and the current shawl (and sock). With what you ask? Well, with what else than another new sweater? Look, Winter is pretty much over  s0 I don’t really see much point in warm sweaters, but dorm rooms and noteworthy for being drafty, and Kent is a lot close to the snow belt than I am used to so they will see some use sooner or later. Anyway, the little hussy that I worked on all last night at knitting, (what can I say it’s still quite portable at this point) is none other than the long dreaded Epaulet sweater. This sweater is knit from the top down, with shaping pretty much the same as a saddle shoulder. That isn’t that bad, but it seems much more ominous, at least to me, than it does from the bottom up. I got through the really hard part last night and it didn’t really seem at all bad as I thought that it would be. But that is the way that all of EZ’s patterns seem to me. When you just read over them, they look like they are the most complicated thing that you will ever do, till you’ve got the stitches on the needle, and then it really isn’t that hard at all.

I even messed up and it all came out okay. That old damn left and right thing got to me. (I still have to make the L with my fingers to tell the difference. But it was all alright. If you wish to know what I’m talking about, I knit three, before four, then knit four where three should have been. It worked out, and I am ready to start increasing for the arms and sailing through the yoke. Not to mention I love me some garter stitch.

And that’s all till, well, tomorrow. Have a very good Thursday.

(Did you notice all the s es?!)


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  1. I’m so glad you got a keyboard! You knew I wanted to send you one too just so I could have the full blassssst of your humor (or humour since we’re being British). I watched the whole DA thing on my UK bootleg vpn service and love the clothes. I did go off it a bit but i suspect I am more contrary than you. It is sssssoooo gorgeously shot though.

    Happy unemployment (though you still have one job at the store) and then you’ll be a co-ed soon! Yay for you!

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