Without Certain Letter

Here I am writing on the home computer, I would tell you what I cannot type, but I can’t type them, ergo I can’t tell you them. There could be a chance that my writing here will be a odd piece of literature indeed. (I never thought how much I needed that letter.)

I went into the library to write an entry here in the morning today. (Forgive my grammar, you try and be proper without that letter between a and d.) I get up, drink my morning coffee, run into town (And yeah, I did plan to write an entry in public, all yucky from running.) I get into the library, and realized that then, I had forgotten my library card at home.

I would tell you what word I ejaculated then and there, but I need a certain letter to do it.

I will tell you that I find I get  a lot more done when I am unable to type, write the blog, and you know, work. My home . . .  be cleaner, I knit more, I cook more,  you get the picture.

And let me tell you, I am REALLY ready to have that letter back. However, I don’t think that it’ll be back any time in the near future. In reply to that, I’ll buy a new damn keyboard when I get the chance to do that. My computer . . . be pretty new, meaning, that I don’t have that little round hole that the majority of keyboard need. I need one of the newer keyboard (meant to be plural) that have U*B not the little round hole.

Anyway here  . . . be the new Icelandic  . . . Cardigan. (It  . . . be a pullover now, but I plan to hack it up with . . . cutting implement (plural).)


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