O Boy!

Here I am typing at the library. To make a long story short, I am having some computer issues at home. My beloved Toshiba isn’t well. And it’s all my fault. I split just a little tea on the keyboard, just a wee little bit, and well, it didn’t like that. AT ALL. I wiped it off as quick as I could, but to no avial. Before you could say “NOOOOOOOOO” the keyboard was in an awful mess. I coudn’t type a D without getting an S, but s by itself still won’t work. An A would work, but only in capitol, because itwould hit the caps look key too. E would type with a 2, as would W. Backspace would take out the last letter, but it would replace it with a W, and X would only type a C with an X, but not on it’s own. Q wouldn’t work at all, and the cursor would only work for a few minutes before freezing up. That’s pretty much the gist.

Anyway, my father suggested a remedy that did soon work. Open up the computer, put a pillowcase over the whole thing, and then pour cat litter overtop of the keyboard and mousepad. Well, that sounded like a good idea to me, so I did just that. And it has worked well . . .  so far. The only probles are no Q, and no S. Oh, and the cursor.

So I ran up to the library today to check email and whatnot. Boy, that stuff sre can pile up. I’ve only got a few minutes left so I’ll be breif. (It is annoying how the library limits computer time, but necessary.)

It’s amazing how much you can get done with no computer, I find my house is a lot cleaner, and I knit a lot more. This isn’t necessarily bad.

Anyway, I’ve been knitting tons. I would show you a picture, but I don’t have my camera, nor the time. A while back I posted about wanting to knit an Icelandic/Raglan yoke sweater, and that one has come to being. I united the body and sleeves about an hour ago, and did about one row on the yoke. Due to the current situation this will probably be the least documented sweater on my blog. And for me, that’s saying something. I may run into town tomorrow and put up a picture of it, but we will see about that. So, see you later!



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