Saturday on a Tuesday.

Okay, I’m finally re-entering the blog, with an utter backlog of content. The past few days have been super busy, but in a good way. It’s amazing how if I skip a few days I have so much to say. Okay, let me just kind of go in order of things from Friday on.

The Shaded Aspen Leaf Sweater is done. I finished all the work on it on Saturday, and blocked in on Sunday. There is sits, on my trunk waiting for a photo shoot. If I can’t get my photographer (read: my mother) to get with the program by the weekend, you must content yourselves with a bathroom shot. I like it, not my favorite sweater, but I did have fun knitting it. It’s not a very wearable sweater, if you know what I mean. It just screams “KNITTER” in a way that only multi-color color work can. And I accidentally gave it a small turtle neck, so, that and the double thickness, means that this sweater is only going to be worn on the coldest days of the year. (That’s fine though, Kent is farther north, and dorms get cold.)

BUT the good news, is that, with this sweater being done, I have 15 things left to knit from Knitting Workshop. I started with 31. So, this means that I am more than halfway done. In ten months I have knit 16 things (mostly sweaters, a few hats and a few shawls) from this book, that comes out to 1.6 “things” a month. (I hate to keep calling them “things” but I can’t think up another word.”

Open up a bottle of wine for me tonight!

Okay, Saturday night.

I go to the coffeehouse here in Wadsworth every Saturday night — or at least about every Saturday. (I try, but sometimes life gets in the way.) It keeps me from sitting at home every Saturday night like some loser. Granted I sit in the coffeehouse and feel like a loser, but I guess that it is progress.

Before I went this Saturday, I colored eggs. Yes, I’m a little old for that, but I had fun so shut up. I tried to do Argyle and Aran styles, but my crayon was bad, so it didn’t work as well as I would have liked. But I did do one for the blog.

But I lent my father my camera. You can imagine the state of my desk now that I’ve shredded it looking for my camera. So the egg picture will have to wait. It wasn’t that big of a deal anyway.

So, I dye my eggs and head out to the coffeehouse. Here I was almost mugged. You read that right. Yes, right here in Midwest suburbia, I was almost mugged. I say almost, because, well, I sort of frightened the mugger.

Let me give you the story. Picture it. Wadsworth Ohio, 2013 dusk is falling.

I was walking down the main drag here in town, and these guys (two of them) walk across the street to me, one on the other side, one crossing, and the one who crossed said, “Give me your money.”

Me: What?

Wanna be Thug: I said give me your money.

Me:(Here I said something crude and adult. I’ll leave this to your imagination. It was rather callous, and I hate to think what it would do to my spotless reputation.) I kept walking.

Wanna be Thug: I said give me your money.

I’m pretty well freaked out at this point. Well, the best defense is strong offence I guess. This is the exact reason why I carry around a huge pocket knife. I pull it out of my pocket, trying not to shake, pull the blade open, and say “You fucking want to go.” I don’t know who I am at sometimes. I was pretty much frightened off my ass. But I looked that kid right in the eyes. (I can say kid, he couldn’t have been more than my age.)

And he looked like he was about ready to sh*t himself. He turned and walked away. As he walked away, I heard him yell, “You’re luck.”

I responded, “With looks like these you don’t need luck.”

The story of what happened at the coffee house, and my first visit ever to my future college will happen tomorrow. I must space out the blog fodder. And I have to go to work. Stay tuned.

(It’s very good I have all this non-knitting content. My wrists have been a touch achey here lately, so I’m backing off the knitting for a little while. Just for a few days.






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