Show and Tell


Here we have the finished sleeves and the finished body on my SALS. I think that it is better — though I didn’t think that there was anything wrong at all in the first place. I suppose that it is nice and patchwork-y now, which should be nice. Here’s a list of what I’ve got left to do: Sew and cut steeks, sew up shoulders, sew in sleeves, do some kind of a collar which I haven’t made up my mind about yet, and weave in the ends. Oh and my hems, I forgot about my hems. Any suggestions for what I should write in them? I’m going to wait till Wednesday to cut the steeks, to show some of the knitters there that the heavens don’t open up and strike you with lightening for daring to cut your knitting, or something like that.

Now I’ve come to that best part of knitting, that point where you are almost finished with something and you can start to think about how you want to spend your time when you’re finished with it.

Okay, you have to do a little bit of addition to get to where I am.

Add together the following: The fact that I should do something from either Yoke Shapings, or Garter Stitch next. The fact that I am currently slogging through the garter stitch on my TSLS, which means that I really don’t want any more of that for the sake of my sanity. Then add the fact that I still have to do a Raglan, Shirt-yoke, Set-in-sleeve, and Cousin Naglar. Then you have to add in my current obsession with Icelandic yokes.

This comes from a variety of sources. First, you have the fact that I am hopelessly trendy, and Icelandic sweaters are very popular right about now. That really appeals to my inner-hipster. Second, and this is the biggest one, I recently saw Adam Levine wearing one in some Men’s Magazine, Men’s Health maybe, I don’t really remember, and I’ve gone back and looked for it, unable to find it, maybe I was dreaming. Anyway, I saw Adam Levine wearing one, and I had to have one. (This may be related to my unhealthy obsession with either being Adam Levine, or being very, very close to him so I can follow him around and worship him all day.) (I don’t see anything wrong with that, probably doesn’t bode well.) (I also feel this way about James Taylor.) (Maybe I’m prone to obsession.) (I have a signed Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book that I bought used, in which she wrote, “obsession is normal” I get this — though I know from reading her blog that she isn’t really the best judge of normal, which is really an overrated concept.) What the hell was I talking about?

Oh, right, my current obsession with Icelandic sweaters ah la Adam Levine, even though mine won’t look anything like his, me not looking good in primary colors and not being able to wear white and have it stay white.(And also, um, me not looking like Adam Levine. I’m going to try and over look this.)  So this really is a “take an idea and run with it” thing. I’ll be doing something with this really soon. (By the way, I plan to make it with Raglan Sleeves, just to knock the raglan out of the running. Is this a possibly bad idea?)

BUT, I have other plans for this weekend. I have this sweater. A Gansey, Gaffer’s Gansey from KW. I don’t really care for it, and I think that I will be able to improve upon it. When I first finished it there were dozens of things wrong with it. Namely, it was too big, the collar had been grossly miscalculated so it stretched from shoulder to shoulder, and it was too wide because I didn’t think when I made it.

Well, I made it shorter by taking off about six inches from the bottom and adding a little ribbing. I fixed the collar with come VERY tight I-cord. But I still don’t wear it often as I should. It’s beautiful and I want to get more use out of it.

Well, I like cardigans a lot more than pullovers. I feel that they are more elegant, more versitle, they don’t fuck my hair when I put them on and they certainly are more cozy. Also, they are a bigger pain in the ass to knit. Well, here is the sweater before all of the improvements.

Blurry. I look like I'm a person in a reality show who didn't sign the waver that says they can be on camera.

Blurry. I look like I’m a person in a reality show who didn’t sign the waver that says they can be on camera.

See what I mean. I look horrible, like some deranged fasion model.

Here it is after all of the improvements. (Not being worn, my photographer is on strike.)

Better, but still not all that I would like it to be.

Stay tuned people, stay tuned. Big stuff going on around here.

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