And there you have the current state of The Shaded Aspen Leaf Sweater. (From henceforth it shall be named TSALS. Take note.)

The good: I’m loving, loving, loving this project like I haven’t loved . . . The Fishtrap Aran. (I still miss that one, yes it was hard, yes, it was a pain to knit and I always had to be thinking, yes, the sleeves are a little itchy, but I still miss that most faithful of projects.)

The bad: I (yet again) may not have enough of the green to add sleeves. I don’t think that I’ll wear the vest. (Except when I’m at work, you probably haven’t noticed this, but ALL TAX PREPARERS WEAR SWEATER VESTS!! I AM NOT KIDDING!! EVEN THE WOMEN!! IT FIRGHTENS ME!! I WAS ONE OF THEM!!) However, I am starting to make plans to the otherwise. I’ve got some leftover Green Galway Tweed that would be perfect, or maybe some handspun. If I can get the body done with this green though, which will probably happen, I will consider this a win. And with the mitts from Tuesday off the needles, I have my size three DPN’s free.

Let’s see, what else do I have to talk about . . .

For collage here’s the current to do list –

-Send in Immunization forms. (They don’t want mumps being spread around Kent State. Understandable.)

-Send in W-2’s, tax information, tax forms, a vial of blood, and a pure virgin.

-Take Math placement. (I feel that this won’t bode well for me. Look people I’m in. You agreed to take me for better or worse. I need one fucking math credit, get it soon and get in out of the way, and then you can start writing papers on Jane Austen. One year of math and then we’re done for good, math and I)

-Schedule a Destination Kent State, which is just what a normal school would call orientation.

That’s all for now. I still have to pay, but it would be helpful to know how much this will cost first.

The house is a mess and I must go clean it. Dishes, laundry, the whole nine yards. Wish me luck.

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