Is that Grass?

Hello everybody. Today the sun is shining, and the air feels something resembling warm (I said resembling) and I feel very lighthearted. The air feels like spring in that way that spring feels — you know what I mean, the wind my blow, but it feels different somehow, a little bit lighter and sweeter. It’s hard to explain, and you really just have to know what I mean — sort of like wearing handknit socks.

But no matter what the reason, and it probably is the weather, I feel so productive today. (I actually feel like the chipper idiots who are so annoying that I want to smack them — dear god, I’m one of them now.) I’ve already knit some, did the dishes and laundry, gotten dressed and am contemplating how to spend the rest of the day. (Probably something outside.)

I’ve had a good weekend so far, and I can hope the same for you. Saturday I finally bought an Atlas that I’ve been needing forever for some unusual method of book planning. I applied for seven (count ‘um 7!) scholarships, some of which I actually have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting. I went to the park and played on the swings, which was something that I haven’t done for a while. They actually had one my size, and it was so much more fun than I remember it. (And of course, that burn from pumping your legs and the feel of the chains on your hands all comes back to you after about four seconds.) And of course, these swings has something printed on the seat, so when I got up, I had the words “Game Time” printed on my ass. (I’m not kidding you I swear. They make these for children?)

Then Saturday I went out as I usually do. I lost at Chess — we were doing teams and the guy I was with ran us into the ground and then abandoned ship. I thought “Well, if I’m going down I might as well take as much as I can with me.” I had a king and three pawns, the other people had about 80% of their pieces. Somehow or another with this arrangement I took out half his pieces. Our kings signed a peace treaty in the end, which is what happens when you have two people who don’t know/care about chess — you break a few rules. Then we left and just walked around forever simply because you can do so now that it somewhat warm outside.

I know that my fellow Ohioians will probably want to slap me for this, but I do truly feel that spring is here. It just feels like it.  Of course, it is just my look as I make some sort of headway on a thick wool sweater. I should finish it before the great switch to cotton occurs.

The TSLS continues to grow, though slowly. I’m starting to get all zen about this, and just accept that I will never finish. The garter will go on forever and ever, the rows of angora slowing adding nonexistent length.

I’m almost halfway done with the center square.


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