Shetland in Sun

There you have a lovely well-lit picture of what I have so far on my TSLS. What this picture fails to disclose, is about half the length of this thing — it really is reaching the floor in this picture. I swear I can’t seem to get this one right, the first one was so little  it was more of a doily, and this one will be more of a blanket than a shawl. That’s fine though, I need a blanket more so than a doily. (This thing makes for excellent morning coffee/naked knitting time. (It gets chilly.)

What else thing picture fails to show you is the fact that the white Angora I’m knitting the center square out of sheds like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t wear dark clothes around it — I have enough problems with shedding cats anyway. (They are always shedding, no matter what the season, I can’t explain this.)

What else this picture fails to show you is the current state of the desk. I don’t think it’s ever been quite this bad. Let me have a little looksee. On my left I try to keep personal things (cup of coffee, knitting, book I’m reading, that plate from that pie I ate this morning for breakfast — it was apple) and on my left, I try to keep work related things (A notebook with 50 handwritten pages of a novel, the notebook with 30 pages of notes on a different novel in progress, notes on some scholarship essays, a list of things I need to write up for another online newsletter/blog product, lists of things I still need to do for college, stacks of books that I still have to read for book and/or college prep.) It’s a wonder that I can get anything done in the face of all of this . . . stuff.  And of course, there is, underneath it all (somewhere) is the ever present, Knitting Workshop.

I tried to make a suffle this afternoon. Namely because it isn’t that hard to do, but always gathers ooh and ahhs. Well, I got the butter, flour, and milk part of it done, but then I went to add the eggs and discovered that I was all out. WHY AM I ALWAYS OUT OF EGGS!!! I’ll try again tomorrow, once I feel like walking down to the store for some eggs.

I do believe that’s all for now.


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