Cat, Coffee and Cotton (Cute?)

I swear this never happens. I don’t know if it’s the sublime combination of these yarns (true yin and yang, Shetland Wool and a mostly Angora blend) if it’s the mojo of being SO MUCH KNITTING, or if it’s just the fact that this is one odd cat. (I would put my money on the last one.) Good thing I’ve got a little mindless sock on my desk for “Keep me busy” knitting.

Anyway, there’s my cat sleeping on what I have of a shawl. (Which I may never have. Have I told you how very much knitting that this is? Next time I do some crazy “knit every pattern in this book” thing, I’m going to knit a TSLS for a poodle.)

I think that I’ve officially become a caffeine addict. This is not a joke, I am totally serious. (Bumping on Maxwell House Baby.) This morning I overslept (this happens so frequently I may, MAY, want to consider buying an alarm clock) while this isn’t unusual, I still did have stuff that I had to do. Namely, go to work. Not office work, so I didn’t have to be all put together, but I still had upgrade from my usual squalor, which is pretty much wearing any clothes these days. (And there was that moment where I’m looking in my drawers screeching, “What is with you and grey!”) I woke up at nine thirty, I had to be at work at ten, and it takes me a half hour to get there too, so you can imagine how things were rushed. I almost brushed my teeth with deodorant, stupid multi-tasking. Anyway, I get into work, (And I forgot my man-purse at home too.) did my little thing for a while, and got the usual screaming headache I get when I forego caffeine. I took a few Asprin, didn’t feel better, took a few more, still had a headache. (As an aside, why do they put that little piece of cotton in the bottle? It’s so stupid, you have a headache, you’re pretty much pissed off at the world, so you go to take an Asprin and as you try to get sweet relief, you are stopped by this little piece of cotton that it takes a little pair of fingers to solve. I just shook the bottle for about ten minutes in a fit of rage then I was able to get out what I needed. I’m sure that the cotton is a vital piece of packaging that keeps the Aspring from developing some deadly virus, but I don’t care, come up with something else. And what if you have a heart attack and NEED an Asprin. Stupid Cotton, for knitting, not medication.)

I came home, made a pot of coffee. I feel fine. I don’t even want to contemplate an illness that a little caffeine can’t solve.


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  1. You don’t have an alarm clock? I’m so in awe of you. I carry TWO alarms in my suitcase PLUS my cellphone. It’s hard to get up at zero dark thirty w/o them. You’re my hero now!
    Not to be your mom, but please don’t drink a pot of coffee. That can’t be good for your young constitution. I won’t even discuss the Maxwell House part of that sentence. I can only do so much.

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