They’re Gone

Hey it’s me, and I have to ask you something, do you hear that?

That’s right! You don’t hear that! There is nobody else here. Just me. Just me. I cannot express my gratitude enough to fully convey the amount of joy in my heart. This is the first day in over a year that I’ve had a normal work day. The events have conspired to give me an empty house for ten hours  a day. Ten hours a day that I can use to do thing like write books, clean, read, knit, and all of it in peace. Oh, this is some serious excitement friends. (Granted it took so many stressful talks and conversations to get to this point I’m not sure that it’s worth it, but you know, I’ll take what I can get. Have I told you it’s quiet?)

This is truly wonderful. I drank my coffee this morning naked simply because I could. (It was rather cold, this might just be a warm weather thing.) I could get used to this sort of thing. I took a shower this morning and didn’t have to make sure anybody needed in there. I listened to James Taylor with the volume all the way up! And nobody sang along to the radio while I was drinking my coffee naked. Nobody asked me to hold a child while they peed or ate (people, geez). Nobody asked me where that one form for that one thing at that one place where we went that one time was. Nobody needs a partner for lunch, nobody is drinking my coffee. (“I’m sorry, did you want that?” Why the hell did I make it if I didn’t want it.)

I’ll be staging an interpretive dance later in the kitchen to express my joy. If you want to come, be sure to call (I’ll put on clothes). But remember, you have to leave the very second that we’re done.

Even though I’ve got a house with perfect working conditions I may take today off, simply because nobody will look at me like I’m shit house nuts if I watch Little Women for the 283 time in my underwear while knitting. I’ll see how I feel in a little bit.

Damn, I have to got to the library today. But other than that I’m good.

In other news, I’ve started knitting a pair of socks.

Just like me, they are a little darker than they appear.

Not bad progress for starting yesterday afternoon. I’m pretty well flying by with these things, and I’m in love with them. I started them under the pretense of needing some mindless knitting,  but that was just bullshit — I wanted a pair of socks.  Ah, all the double pointed goodness.

The specs,

Pattern — the sock pattern I was born with in my head (it took me a while to find it though).

Needles — I think these are size ones. This might be easier to find out if I was a lot more organized.

Yarn — Sockina Color. I’m pretty sure that it is a German yarn. It’s a wonderful yarn that I’m loving. It is so soothing to the hands. I think that I bought it at Wooster a few years back (Maybe one year. I can’t remember. I know I bought it there though, and I remember that I bought it at that one place in that one building that sold all that Fleece Artist stuff. Not exactly helpful.)

Anyway, I’m loving the knitting on this thing. I’m trying not to neglect my Zimmermann Knitting responsibilities, but it’s not exactly easy to do in the face of this potentially wonderful new socks.

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