So This is Shetland

I wasn’t going to write a blog post today — I have a house to clean, a book to write, and I had to go and be a real person with a real life this morning, so I wasn’t planning on blogging. Those are all really good reasons why I shouldn’t blog, but the real reason, the real reason that I know in my inner most deepest soul, I couldn’t find batteries for my camera, and they died earlier.

There is, as always, a story there. I was wearing skinny jeans (there’s a story there too, yesterday I was wearing them as I went all about town running errands and things, and it was raining cats and dogs and freezing cold. Then I had to work at the bookshop and do that in wet skinny jeans — and boy, I thought those things were uncomfortable when they were dry!) And I wanted to show you that I was, well, pulling them off pretty well. (Proud of that — no pain no gain.) So I slid out of my knitting chair and hoisted myself into a yoga position that I swear is one person always from being a page out of The Karma Sutra. I don’t know the Sanskrit word for it, but it is pretty much a shoulder stand. (I couldn’t be a normal person and stick my legs out in front of me.) My camera is old and the battery gauge thing doesn’t really work. So there I am, legs in the air (which is a whole lot harder when you can’t use your hands) trying to work a camera. It would turn on, but it didn’t have the energy to take the picture. So I’m fiddling with the camera and doing some pain breathing thing which is bullshit as far as pain managing is concerned. All proved to be fruitless though. You will have to take my word for it, and be sure that, my legs look great.
(I am sure that you are all crushed that I’ve not starting putting pictures of my legs on the internet.)

So, there’s the story of why my camera is dead. However I do have this built-in camera thingy on my new computer, which really freaks me out because I sometimes think some Russian is watching me knit while I watch Netflix and then getting all sweaty at the thought of all that wool . . . just slipping through my fingers . . . click click . . . so much wool . . . that warm sweater . . . that warm sweater.

Anyway, I figured out how to work the camera on my computer. You hit the space bar. The one with a picture of a camera on it. Hard that. Well, I figured out that while it can take pictures, it can only take shitty pictures. So shitty pictures is what you get — better than nothing I guess. It doesn’t help that the world outside today is a sodden grey mass of mushy death devoid of sun.

I just thought of this, but I’m knitting the Traditional Shetland Shawl, and it’s so wet and cold and miserable outside — just like Northern Scotland is. Odd that.



I have done better.

Anyway, what you have there what I’ve been spending a lot of my knitting time on. Edged in a brown sawtooth edging, then some feather and fan, before falling to the white fate of most shawls on the plain garter stitch center square. This is the Traditional Shetland Lace Shawl — which is such a terrible name, I’ll call it TSLS, just to save on typing. I call it a shawl, but it’s going to be so big that it’ll be more of a blanket than anything else. The white is a soft Angora/Wool/Nylon blend (I think) that provides a sharp contrast to the less-than-delicate Shetland.

This garter stitch is a wonderful mindless thing, and I’ve found it helpful to always have it within arms reach of me at all times while baby tending. The rocking motion often puts him to sleep and I get a few rows done — win, win. (Though those are both my wins  — I get a sleeping baby AND knitting done. You can’t beat that unless I can figure out a way to do the dishes with my feet while I do all of this. )



  1. Well I think the shawl looks pretty, but that is a kinda bad piccie. I’m having faith it’s pretty though.

    You know I’ve had my laptop camera looking at me for a year now and I’ve never thought anyone AT ALL was spying on me. Maybe those skinny jeans are a tad tight?

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