Oh, boy, long time no see. Geez, I’m away from the blog for a few days and it suddenly feels like I’ve practically overrun with things that I must tell each and every one of you this second in painfully detailed sentences that use more comas than really necessary. I think the list format is about ready to spring forth.

1. I was sick. Yup, I had the flu again. This time it was . . . a lot better. It was intense as the last one, but it was over a lot quicker, and didn’t really include the sore throat, merely feeling like you’re about ready to pass out after a few minutes in a vertical position. Friday was the lost day, I was in bed asleep almost all day, the only time I was out was when I had to watch the baby for a few hours. I have never been so grateful to get a baby to sleep. (I have discovered, through careful experimentation, (And take note mothers) that Sex and the City after about twenty minutes will put a baby right out. Clip and Save!)

2. Due to aforementioned Flu and working all day Thursday, I only knit about four rows on my knitting. I’m at the point on my current shawl where a row is 220 stitches, so four rows is really a lot more than it sounds. And I’ve got to knit 220 rows, to make it a square. I’m at, after a weekend of knitting, about 24 rows. I must work on this. This will take a while. (I think that this one will be more of a blanket than a shawl.)

3. I have more or less finished up all that needs to be done on my Diamond Aran. That was one thing that I got done this weekend. Pictures maybe to follow if I can teach the infant how to use a camera. Anyway it’s done. I’m more or less ambivalent about it. It’s done, for good. I don’t think that I’ll really wear  it much, the shoulders kind of stick out in a British Soldier dress uniform sort of way. If that makes sense. It likely doesn’t. But the damn thing is done. That is all that needs to be said.

4. I started the Shaded Aspen Leaf sweater. Boy color work — I’d forgotten what that does to the wrist. And how long it takes, and what a pain in the ass it is, and how you have to pay attention to it every single second otherwise you get off track and then the universe starts to melt at the edges. Oh, but it is so much fun — it hurts so good. (I’ve always said that I am destined to be a masochist. Anyway.) I’ve knit about three rows on it. I’m a little “ah” about this one.



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