Skinny Wheels

Last night in a fevered session of knitting (that’s knitting quickly, not sick knitting, which is nearly the exact opposite.) I finally, finally bound off the Diamond Aran. Finally. However, this doesn’t mean that I’m done with it, it really is about the exact opposite of that. Here’s a brief list of what to do.

Sew and cut the steeks. I’m feeling excited, instead of dreading it. Like I said in a blog comment the other day, “After the first steek it’s really all downhill.” And that’s true. The first one I was so nervous. (And these were crochet steeks, because I didn’t have the guts to run my poor knitting through that mean old sewing machine.) Then the next ones I were still pretty nervous, but this point I’m actually looking forward to doing it. I may even take it with me to knitting to persuade some of the other’s that it’s perfectly fine to cut knitting, even favorable in some circumstances. But I also may be too impatient to wait for that — my money’s on that one.

Knit the sleeve caps — it’s a vest but I still want them to have a finished edge.

Knit the collar — easy peasy.

Weave in the ends — boring, but there’s not a lot of them

Wash it — hardest part is finding a place to dry it. (I’ve got my trunk clear, but that means that I’ll have to add “Keep the white cat off my blue sweater” to this list.

All in all, not bad, not bad at all.

In other news I’m starting to thinking about spinning once more. (Having an infant in the house will make you want to make yarn — who knew?) I took a look at my little old wheel, played with potential ways to fix it, and couldn’t find one that would make the wheel turn (which is kind of an important part) and make the part stay on. So we’re back to just knitting for a little while. (I’m looking into buying another one. )

I’m wearing a pair of skinny jeans today. I don’t know why — maybe I want to show off my new (ish) thin legs. (I’ve had the thin legs, and everything else, for a while, but I’ve just recently felt it okay to start showing it off. I’ve kept that 40 pounds of for a while now, and I don’t think that it’ll come back. However I also know, that the minute, the very second that I let my guard down and let that piece of pizza pass over my lips, I’ll be that fat kid sitting in the back of the class room again.) These things are much more uncomfortable than they look, and impracticale to boot. I can’t carry more than a phone and a few dollar bills without feeling like I’m about ready to blow out of them. (And they also fit tightly in man places. I’ve made a few funny faces today, and I could maybe sing Opera now.) These pants are not made for people who have to sit, walk, bend, lift, clean, cook, or go to the bathroom. I have to do all of those things today. (I’ve done a lot of them really.) However my legs look great and feel so snug. I know what I’m wearing tomorrow. (I can forego cooking and cleaning. They don’t interfere, much, with knitting.)



  1. I’m sure someone wise said “if you’ve got it – flaunt it” so wear those skinny jeans dude! Every teen/20 something in LA is wearing them so it must be doable with enough spandex content.

    Steek with pictures so I can enjoy it vicariously. If it goes I awry I will personally buy you the yarn for your next project. It’s the least I can do. Happy steeking in skinny jeans!

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