Cozy day

Yesterday’s blog time was taken up by being an idiot. I know a woman who was hiring a new person in her field of work, and she thought that I would be perfect for the job. (She said she liked my spirit. Heaven help her.) So, she told me to go to the place and apply for the job (I have a job, but it’s a sucky job and I get fired in about two months, I’m unreasonably exited to be unemployed again.)

So I trotted up there, and dear god it’s far. I thought it would be about two miles from my house, which is far and a bit of a walk, but nothing I can’t do. (Those who are from around here, she said it was on Great Oaks Trail. She neglected to tell me that it was all the way down by Leatherman road.) So I walk two miles, turn down the road I was supposed to be on and start walking. And I keep walking, and walking and walking, then, when my legs start to feel a little like jelly I was finally there. Then the bitch at the front desk wouldn’t let me sit down inside to fill out the application, so I sat down outside to do it, because there was no way in hell I was walking back there if I didn’t have to. Then I get up to go home, and decided to go another way, just for interest, there was an intersection nearby and I didn’t figure it could possibly any longer then the other way. There was one of those little blue signs indicating a hospital nearby, so I thought,” Well the hospital is a bit of a walk, but no further than going the other way, and at least is would be a different walk.”

Despite having lived in this town for MY ENTIRE LIFE, I didn’t realize how very far that walk is. It took me about two miles to get to the Hospital (where I nearly checked myself in just so I could sit down) And I still had miles to go too. And for a large part of this walk there were no sidewalks, so I was traipsing through ditches and cornfields for miles and miles.

Anyway, I don’t know why I told you that, just sharing I guess.

Today is Saturday, so I’m just lazing about the house. I took a shower and got dressed, but I still need to go and do some laundry, but I did do the dishes. I’m sitting on my little old trunk now, but the window where the light is good. The snow is starting to softly fall, and the furnace purrs away. The week’s bread got baked yesterday, and I’ve changed the sheets. I’m thinking about making some tea and I’m home alone. Oh, there is nothing better than being home alone, after having been around people for so long.

There’s the current state of the Aran. It’s sitting under my legs right now. Just as predicted I’ve ran out of the blue. I’ve still got a little left, but I’ll save it for the end and hopefully use it to tie the colors together. We’ll see.

This thing (And you can tell I’m getting tired of something when I start calling them, “that thing”) is nearing done, thankfully. It’s a pretty sweater, but you know, you can only do so much of this sort of thing. Please remember that I’ve already knit this pattern once, plus this sweater’s earlier rip back, so I think it’s only a little fitting that I’m just a little sick of it.

I really am only just a little sick of it. I’m fine, at least for now, to continue knitting it, but I’m also ready to be done for now. I’m hoping, if all does according to plan, to have this thing off the needles by next week.

And you want to know what I plan to do next?

The Shaded Aspen Leaf Sweater!!!

Or maybe not.


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