Kent State and a Short Post

Okay, I probably should have said something sooner, but the thing is, I’m going to Kent State this fall. That is, if all goes according to plan. (This is related to the 700 tests I took this year.)

Yes that’s it. Dorm rooms, late nights, parties, studying, classes, the whole enchilada (sharing an 8×8 room with a stranger). This is another reason why I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off this winter, this financial aid stuff is a nightmare. It’s a little later than I would have wanted, but I suppose that it’s better late than never.

So next fall, I may be first knitter to ever write a blog from a dorm room. (There’s a good chance that this could turn into a college -life horror story blog, but hopefully that isn’t the case.) I’m contemplating how I’ll store the stash in a dorm room, how I’ll juggle everything, and pretty much everything in general. I’m a bit nervous, but it’s in a good way.

So there you are. Normal knitting content to resume shortly I promise, there’s just a lot else going on. I’ve got a mountain of applications to fill out for college, plus working on finding a job for this spring and this summer. (And yet of course all I want to do is knit.)



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