Hybrid Sweater

Another Photo I look stoned in.

Another Photo I look stoned in.

Above you have the Hybrid Sweater, and me in it, not on anything, I swear. (And yes, that’s a deer mounted on the wall behind me. Yes, I know. No, it wasn’t me. My father hunts. I know. He also votes Republican. I know. I don’t know where I went wrong. I could rant about this now, but I will just save my breath. I’ve already scared off all the people who disagree with me by this point. )

Anyway, there is the Hybrid Sweater. If you don’t know where the patterns from, where the hell have you been.  I knit it on U.S. 2 needles, six stitches to the inch (never fucking again), knit out of a yarn I picked up for a dollar a skein at Big Lots. The ballband says Gala Yarns 100% Acrylic, if that means anything to you. It was 100% acrylic, but it feels and generally behaves like a loosely spun wool. (That combined with the slightly loose gauge this was knit at means this thing is going to pill like you wouldn’t believe.) I would have knitted it tighter, but I would have had to use a zero to do so, and that isn’t happening on so many different levels. (I would have been at like seven to the inch.) There isn’t yardage on the label, so I had to guess how much I needed of it. I had to do a little metric to American, yardage, weight, thickness math right there in the store while holding on to my discounted Italian cookies.

I may have over shot it a little bit. I bought eleven skeins. I used five. Anybody want any of this? I’ve got more than enough for your average male sweater. (40 inches around on a man who likes to wear his clothes tight and skimpy.) At 50 grams/ 1.76 oz. per skein, I used 250 grams or 8.8 oz. So this sweater weighs little more than half of a pound. That’s a light sweater. And it was cheap. I paid a dollar a skein for this yarn (that’s why I’m not so upset about grossly overbuying) But I also got ten percent off my whole purchase, so each was bought for 90 cents.  That means this sweater, without the cost of labor, comes to (drumroll) $4.85. (If I’m correct, which may not be the case, I did buy over double to much yarn.)

This post probably isn’t good for the case that knitters don’t save money by making their sweaters. But still, $4.85! You can’t beat that. It’s almost free.

The demerits of this sweater are that it’s thin, so not very warm. It’s also a little short, because I wanted to be done with it and move on with my life. The back is also a little bit wider than the front, because I did that math in a dark, crowded, and loud coffeehouse, far from my quiet desk and there way no way I was ripping it out. But the back should be a little wider anyway, it works. I’ve been wearing it all day and will continue to do so. Also, due to said thin-ness, I have to wear dark and solid colors underneath it — anything with prints shows through it. I don’t know a lot about fashion, but I am pretty sure that you shouldn’t be able to read clothes through other clothes.

Still thought, with all these factors working against it, I love it. It’s sleeves are perfectly snug. Maybe I’m just finally getting to the point where I can overlook a sweater’s issues and see it for what it really is. Maybe I’m finally starting to grow like I’ve always wanted to. (It’s about time.) Maybe I’m getting all Zen and accepting, and maybe the UN will start taking my calls again.

Or maybe this thing cost less than five dollars.

. . . . . . .

Now that this thing is done, and the rib warmer is done too, it’s time to start thinking about what is next. I’ve got a few ideas, but I am open to any suggestions. Anybody?

(By the way, 18 projects left in Knitting Workshop!!!)



  1. Wow, you are really chugging along with these KW projects! Good for you, that’s some perseverance! And yeah, you do look a little stoned. LOL

    The price of that yarn is impossible! Hope your’e well.

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