Green Grass, White Knitting

There you can see what I’ve done on the ribwarmer,  which is a little over half. (You can also see my feet.) It’s knit in a homespun Icelandic wool which should be very warm to wear. I plan to edge it in red I-cord. This Icelandic wool wasn’t fun to spin at all, sort of like licking the kitchen floor clean, but knitting with it is fun, sort of like having a clean kitchen floor. (Anyone want to come over to mop? I’ll make coffee.) I have been remarkably dedicated to this project, knitting on really only this project. (I really think it’s been the only project for five days, which is odd for me.)

And it’s only a few shades lighter than my carpet too, which means it’s probably the same shade that my carpet was when it was new. (And because the weather is gray today I had to use the flash to get a half-way decent picture. As I wrote that the sun started to shine.)

I started this on Monday, which means I haven’t made as quick progress on it as I would like. I was hoping to finish this in the amount of days on one hand. Hoping. Well, I should probably be able to knock this off in a week, maybe, but I’m not committed to any deadline. No, not me, not at all.

Maybe a little. Who cares?

The weather here has been very warm and spring like here today. I have been reveling in it. I wish it was a little dryer out, but I can live with things the way they are. It’s really wet, and every low-lying spot has been transformed into a lush impromptu pond. I hope these all have a chance to drain away before the next freeze comes, otherwise we’ll be sliding everywhere for a while. It was nice though, to see green grass and water, water that was in its liquid state.

However it’s not nice to have all that water seeping into your shoes and getting your socks all manner of wet.

I haven’t made any progress on any knitting besides the ribwarmer. I’ve been working a lot lately. And I start my real job on Saturday.

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