Today is the first day of the New Year. People are doing the whole wax lyrical about the past year, and I have to be careful to avoid that. I love it when other people do it, but I can’t do it myself, otherwise I’ll read the post in about two days and gag.

Here’s my New Year’s resolutions.

1. Swear more.

2.Knit more. (Is that possible.)

3. Insult Republicans more. (Again, is that possible.)

Change has been the theme for this year, more so than any other. Some good, some bad, some that left me sobbing because I was digging in my heels so hard, and some left me unable to do anything but smile. It has been a year of ups and downs; I’ve had some of my lowest lows, and my highest highs this year. I’ve knit tons, but you know that. I’ve knit I think 11 Zimmermann projects, and am getting close to having less than 20 left. My love life has been sorrowful this year, but that’s fine.

I’ve also made some wonderful friends this year, both online and not. A big thinks to all my blog readers and friends.(Those are the same thing really.) May you all find happiness in 2013. If I wasn’t so lazy I would do a big link fest right here, but instead I’ll direct you to my sidebar. Click on any of them and be entertained. (Mostly.)

Well, what will the new year bring? Who knows? Good things, bad things, I feel more apt to dealing with them now, because of what 2012 taught me.

And the world didn’t end this year. Always a good year when the world doesn’t end.

So, lets grab out needles, make some tea, and knit our way through the new year. Thank you to everyone who reads this, you mean more to me than you’ll ever know, mostly because I’m a mean cynic who hates mushy moments.


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