Inner Directed Shawl

The snow earlier this week was bad, but not as bad as I thought it would be. It’s all white out now, but it is pretty I guess. It’s cold, a pain in the ass, gets the floor all wet, makes it impossible to go out to the mail box or the porch on a whim, but it is pretty. Well, so is the sight of green grass. We won’t be having that for a while though, so like the majority of Knit bloggers I am determined to make the best of it. How so you ask? With things like knitting, tea, Netflix, you know those things, the trifecta of human existence, at least if you’re a knitter.

What am I knitting these days? Well, I should be finishing my Christmas knitting. But I won’t see the person for a while, and I have no intention of sending a package. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. Anyway, I am not working on that. What I’m doing instead is knitting a sleeve. (One down, part of one to go.) The sleeve is for the Hybrid sweater, one of those sweaters where you knit everything up to the underarm, and then knit some kind of a yoke shaping. It’s going faster than the body, for two reasons. One, it’s got like twenty-five percent of the stitches. (Duh) Two, I am actually working on it. The body was sort of my get-up-and-go project. It was the project I shoved into my backpack when I went places, just in case I could find knitting time. I worked on it at the bookshop, at the coffeehouse while reading, at my desk while reading. Stockingette in the round is wonderful for knitting while you’re doing other things, and that’s how the body made progress.

Here’s the way I spend a lot of my time.


(That took a while.)

This is the Inner Directed Shawl from Knitting Workshop. It’s similar to the Spoke shawl, and is blocked into a circle as opposed to the Heptagon (I think) that it’s finished as.(The polygon with seven sides.) It is increased one stitch every other row, and the increases spiral to the left.

The stats for this thing.

Diameter = 36 inches or 3 feet

Circumference (measurement around perimeter) = 113 inches or about 9 feet.

Area = about 1017 inches or 84 square feet.

Yarn = The first green is a mohair, ball band less, a gift from Cindy. The Blue, same thing as green, only you know, blue. The green is a personally handspun yarn. (Not very well either, I can say.)

By my estimation is that I’m about one third of the way done. This is going to be a big shawl. It might not be that big, but I will go as large as I can, using the leftover blue Shetland from the Fishtrap Aran. I love this thing, and the fact that I pulled out that high school education to figure out its circumference and area should be evidence of that. This will probably be more of  lap robe, hanging off the back of my desk and keeping my lap warm when needed. The lace pattern is made using erratic yarn overs and compensating decreases. It is tons of fun.

Really, I think I’m a little too amused by this.

But I don’t care.

I’m going to go knit now, have a good weekend!


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