The morning after

Did you all have a nice Christmas? I did, at least for the most part. These things, no matter how well I think they’ll be, are never quite what I thought they’d be. (I’m not talking in materialistic terms here, just over all feeling and happiness.) This is true for all things, birthdays, New Years day, Valentines day, that sort of thing. There is always something that I feel is missing, and I never know what it is. But it was still a good day, a very good day.

Well, I got a new computer. A fancy-shmancy one too — the kind that I would never buy myself, despite how highly I think of me. I still haven’t quite got all the bugs worked out, let alone load up all my old files and favorites. (I haven’t even loaded my ’97 version of Microsoft office onto this space age thing. I don’t know if they’ll work together, despite both being Microsoft.) So I might not be much in blog world for a while, till I get everything straighted around on this computer.

But I must say that I type a lot faster on this thing. I think I’m in the neighborhood of 60 words a minute. And I can actually get on Facebook. (Garret Waugh, Friend me!) And I can comment on WordPress blogs again, and I can check my e-mail in less than ten minutes. (Ye olde computer didn’t like getting on the internet. I did.) And it makes me feel fancy, which is all I really care about. So everybody give a big shout out to my dad for working out this whole deal.

(It’s funny though, I know have three computers on my desk, this one, my old one, and this HP a friend was giving me, but the 2 didn’t work and then Windows crashed. I still haven’t given it back.)

The oven broke down, last Saturday right after I posted here. Or at least that’s when I discovered it. I was tempted to put something on here to inspire pity, but I didn’t want to. It didn’t seem classy, which is what I aspire to above all other things. Ask me how I found this out. (A whole batch of cookies, all on the sheets, rolled in egg white and nuts, thumbprint made, ready to bake. They are now in the freezer, and I probably won’t really be able to bake them till President’s day or something.) So there were no more cookies, we’d already done a few, no pies, and for Christmas dinner, we ordered a pizza. It was delicious.

I knit a sleeve, or most of one, over the past few days. I actually got to watch two musicals, in two days. This is rare. (I owned one, and the other was on Netflix, as are many others, but it still means more when you catch them on the TV. You know what I mean?)

I also knit more on the Inner Directed Shawl. This thing needs, among other things, a new name. It’s fun though, and if I could figure out how to do so, I’d put in a picture of it. We’ll try tomorrow, because there are only so many thing that I can learn in one day. The points on it spiral to the left, don’t ask me why I chose the left, it’s lucky I guess, and the lace pattern is made using erratic yarn overs, always followed by a compensating decrease. It’s sort of fun to say, “This spot is a little solid . . . not any more.” It’s fun to chose between making this spot a solid one, or a holey one, or something in between. It’s very liberating, and can free your inner knitter, if you want that too happen.

It’s snowing now. I think the local area is under a blizzard watch today, but I could be wrong. The driveway, road and yard are all a mass of white. It isn’t showing any signs of stopping. (But I’ve got some corn for popping. I had to say it.) With every flake I can feel my anxiety start to rise. There is nothing worse than having that “I must get out” feeling during a snowstorm. I desperately wanted to go running this morning, not having done so since before I got the flu. The initial recovery was over long ago, but I’ve still had a runny nose and sore throat, as well as being pretty tired, for a while now. I’m not sick, I’m not even under the weather. Just a little off. Take a pill, I feel fine all day.

So that’s where I am. I’m a little upset, my new computer doesn’t count the words in these blog posts, so I’ve got no way of knowing how long they are. I hope that this is of sufficient length.



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