We Thought you were a Murder

I would just like to point out to you that the world didn’t end yesterday, but you probably already know about this. It proved to be a pretty good day, but any day where the world doesn’t end is simply a good day. I feel good though, having lived through the potential end of the world. (And the real potential end of the world, not some fake religious rapture.) So, take a moment, and be glad that we didn’t die. (We also were missed by a pretty big metor a few days before.)

Something else funny happened yesterday too. I work at a consignment clothing store, a local, independent store. And for the past few weeks this younger Italian man has been coming at least once a week, always bringing  two or three bags of very nice, near new women’s clothing. Some of it still had the tags. There were all sorts of jewelery, belts and shoes and purses. Of course we all started to speculate where it came from. We said it was probably that his girlfriend had run off with some other guy and he was pissed.

But we also started joking about how he’d murdered her and dumped her in a ditch somewhere. We were all prepared to give a police description and testify in court. My friend and I were waiting for weeks to hear the news that a body had been found. We kept talking about this for a while, and yesterday, I said that if he came, I would ask him where the clothes came from. Nobody thought that I would either.

We closed at two yesterday, and around one thirty we were starting to think that he wasn’t going to show up. We actually were telling someone else about him, all of our speculations and to be wary if you see a man of this description. We finish talking about him, and I turn around and guess who just then opens the door.

That man.

He was just going to drop the bag inside the door, as people do, and then leave. I go flying across the room as he’s leaving.  I’m already riding off of the adrenalin. I said something like, ” Excuse me sir, I have a question for you, and please feel free to tell me to mind my own business. You always bring such nice, near new clothing, and so much of it too, that we can’t help but wonder where it comes from. Could you clear this up for us?”

“Oh,” he says, “My girlfriend and I are moving to California, well, tomorrow. She’s been cleaning out her stuff because we’re going by car, visiting her family in Nevada and then going on to LA.”

I was so relived. I replied, “Oh, good. We were all so curious and were think about all sorts of reasons you could be getting rid of it. We thought you were a murderer or something. ”

When I said that someone just swooped in over my shoulder and said, “We didn’t think that you were a murder.” And then did all sorts of apologizing things that I didn’t listen too. You could tell that the man just wanted to get away from those crazy people by this time.

I laughed for the next five minutes. I’m still chuckling while thinking about it.

I started the sleeves for the Hybrid today. The first one here is about three inches long. I’ve finished a pair of slippers, all that remains to do is one pair of mittens. (Those may not get done, but who cares?)

 I may not post again before Christmas, (Because how could I trump this.) so either way, Happy Holidays.


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