Pretty sounding Spam, and hopefully pretty knitting.

I had some very nice spam, as far as spam goes, left on my blog today, and I though I’d share it with you.

Me and my friend Dan are going to get some beers and then we’re going to go down to the park and drink them there. We’ll bask out in the sun, bring a guitar and play some songs, call up our friends and invite them out to share what might be the last weekend of the summer, because September’s getting colder as it goes. And we haven’t done enough of this simple kind of stuff this year. It’s clear we’re getting older and it shows. Work weeks make us weary now and school’s a distant memory and it’s easy to ask questions of ourselves, like: where it is we’re going now and what we have to show for all the sunny days shut up in the shells of expectations of our ultimate directions, and the stations that we should have reached by now, when we haven’t read the script and our tender wings are clipped, and we’re scared we might be letting someone down. So we listen to these heartbreak songs when nothing’s really wrong, and we smile when we’re asked and say we’re fine. But now it’s time to decide, now it’s time to draw a line in the sand and ask what’s more important than days like today? So grab some beers, call your friends and meet us here, in the summer park with me and my friend Dan.

Cool, Huh? Poetical spam.

(I’m over looking that December and September aren’t really the same thing, and there’s over sixty days between them.)

Moving on. I should copy and paste more spam, might as well make those things write my blog for me. Insta-post!

Good news! We all need good news in these trying times. (I am avoiding talking about the School shootings because it is making me sick. It’s even worse than Chardon, despite the fact that Chardon’s practically in my back yarn compared to Connecticut.)

I’ve finished the body on my version of Elizabeth’s Hybrid sweater. (In my head I call her Elizabeth — we’re very close.) This has taken me quite a while, what with Christmas taking over my life and this six stitches to the inch nonsense. But it shows that even slow progress is still progress. Sleeves to commence, no fair betting on how long that will take. Then it’s up the yoke, as these things go, then puzzling though a new, to me, shaping. I don’t foresee any trouble on this one — I have a pretty good idea of what she’s saying, because it’s like the raglan, (which I’ve done) combined with the saddle shoulder, (which I’ve also done).

It’s funny, six months ago, the shaping for the Hybrid sweater was utter gibberish, and now it sort of makes sense. I guess I’m learning. What I’m learning might be largely useless, but I’m still satisfied with it. (A good use in and of itself.)

There are five days to Christmas. I’ve still got all my wrapping to do, two gifts to knit, cookies to bake, but not anything else. I think it’s do able.


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