Oh boy, was this a . . . weekend. There really are no words. Lets just say that I hope not to repeat it for quite a while. I’m still not quite out of the woods yet, but I’m getting there — this is the first day since Thursday that I’ve sat at my desk and yesterday I actually took a shower. (I don’t know how I did yesterday. I would sit up and read for ten minutes then it would exhaust me so much that I’d have to lie down for a half hour. Then at four I took a shower, got dressed, and went and prepared fake tax returns.) (I did four returns, two of which were pretty complex, one with Schedule C/ Depreciation and one with various retirement income. I did those four in three hours too.)

But thanks for all your well wishes. I’m certain I’m going to live today, and I’m okay with that too.

I knit a hat.


It was hard to get a half decent picture of this thing -- which is what I'm pretending this is.

It was hard to get a half decent picture of this thing — which is what I’m pretending this is.

Pretty dull as far as hats go. It was knit using my plain jane hat recipe, with some stashed (I think) wool. I knit most of this on Friday, because it was simple to knit —  it didn’t rock the boat that much.

I started the inner directed shawl on Saturday. Despite the strain that wanting to die was putting on my knitting, I still was able to make some decent progress on it. Its diameter measures 18 inches, though growth will be pretty slow yet.

Left to do for Christmas:


a pair of mitts.

That’s all at least as far as the knitting is concerned. I still have to do all the wrapping, a lot of the decorating, a lot of the baking. So there’s still a lot left to do yet. I need a nap just thinking about it.



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