It Snowed — Not that I’m Thrilled

Today is a Tuesday, and this morning, while I was out running I noticed that it was snowing. It was hard to miss because it was coming down pretty good, and I wasn’t dressed really warmly. It would snow for a minute, completely let up, and then start again. It repeated the cycle several times before I got back to my warm house.  A nice shower and James Taylor thawed me out pretty well.

Christmas party went well last night. The food was wonderful. We have a lot of ESL clients who bring ethnic food, so the variety was wonderful; I do love to try new things. (I call myself a foodie, but I don’t practice it often.) There was a small ceremony honoring me and several others for our achievement on Big Test Number One — they didn’t call it that. I had to give a very small, but still impromptu, speech, and had I not been so moved by some of the nice words said about me than I could have been more eloquent. (Like my tutor and good friend said, ” I could say many things about Garret, not all of them appropriate for a family setting.”)

I think someone else is doing the dishes now. I must keep it down, I don’t want to startle them away.

I knit a hat last week.

A hat.

A hat.

It was a Goodwill find — worsted, and held double, knit into a watchcap in Brioche, or Prime Rib, Stitch. It’s destined for my friend Tom, as a surprise Christmas present. Last week, shortly after I finished the hat I saw him put on a machine made cap. We can’t have that. So, next Saturday, if all goes according to plan, I’ll give this to him.

This photo also serves a double purpose that I didn’t intend to give it. On the left side you can see my overflowing closet. (What, I’ve worked in a consignment clothing store for several years.) On the right you can see the first sweater I ever knit, closest to the hat, that one’s closest to the hat. Then you can see the tangle of circular needles that I have, and on the other side, I think the third sweater I knit. (Neither of them are wearable, but I keep them for posterity.) Underneath that you can vaguely see the Tams, and that white flash is my cat.




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