This ‘n’ That

Hello everybody. Today is a bit of a This ‘n’ That day, so this post shall be something of the same.

1. My life seems to be turning itself around. This is a very corny statement, but one that I think is true. My home life is starting to deteriorate, but when you have six people living in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house, you are bound to get on people’s nerves. (Granted, one of those people is the baby.)

2. Saturday I took Big Test Number Two. I’d been prepping for months and I have a lot riding on doing well on this. After I took my practice test I was slightly unsure of myself, my score was  . . . okay. It would do, but it would make my life a lot harder later on.  However I think that I’ll do a lot better on the real test. Time was less of an issue, and there were a lot fewer moments of “oh shit! I don’t know how to do this.” (Really there were only about seven.)

3. I was offered a job last night. As a receptionist at a Tax Preparing Service — answering phones, answering basic questions, pricing returns, data entry, and scheduling appointments — basic receptionist stuff. I am really thrilled about this. It’s close to home, pays more than minimum, has nothing to do with food, and requires some intelligence to do. I’ll be working a lot of nights though, like 5-9, which as you know — prime knitting time. I’ll make it work though. (And I won’t be starting till the new year probably.)

4. I am really glad too, because I thought he was going to ask me to be a preparer. I would not want to do that. It’s too high stakes, and too easy to screw up. And I’d have to take a huge test to do that, and I’d have to take the test yesterday. I’ll be making more than last year’s receptionist though, because I do have a knowledge of taxes and what not.

5. My Bookshop’s Christmas party is tonight. I’ll have to go early to set up, so I need to get off my ass and do my baking for it. Don’t expect any Loaves and Stitches style photo’s — I don’t have the camera skills or the presence of mind. (And seriously, don’t read her blog if you’re on a diet — you consume calories just by reading.)

6. I tried to knit something according to a non EZ pattern. I couldn’t do it. I don’t know why. I started to get all itchy and sweaty and think the gauge was way too small. (Seriously, I can’t knit at 8.5 stitches to the inch.) I pulled out a stitch dictionary and started them myself. Who needs patterns?(Designing is right down this road I tell you. A dangerous road.)

7. I’m starting to think about shawls. Not shawls that I have on the needles mind you. (Almost six months, I need to get a move on this.)

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  1. Yay on the job! I love working the evening hours so maybe the new schedule will make you more nocturnal and you can avoid the crush at the house? Just a theory. You are a clever fellow and can master any test or knitting pattern. EZ would expect nothing less!

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