There’s a picture of my Tam blocking on plate. This is how these things achieve their famous shape — not from elaborate increasing and decreasing in color patterns, but simply knitting an old bag, and then wetting it and putting it over a plate. When you take it off of the plate, you’ve got a Tam. Those clever Scots. (By the way, I’ve discovered that they have a much better shape if you repeat the wet/dry cycle several times without taking it off the plate.)

This is my third one of these. I feel that they’ve been adequately played with. They are fun to knit, though knitting colorwork on that 16 inch needle did hurt my wrists a little. So I’ll call this done as soon as this one is dry, and I finally get off my ass and weave in the ends on the first one.

I had to block each of these things on a different plate too. The first one was HUGE and had to be blocked on a platter that we use once a year for vegetables. the second one was a little too small and had to be put on a large dessert plate. That was a touch to small for it, but I couldn’t get it on any other plate due to a tightish first color pattern. But this one can be blocked, and is being blocked, on a regular plate that I eat my dinner off of. It only took me three hats. (I may have to re-knit one, the tight one, after the holidays.)

Left to do —

A pair of slippers,

A hat (possibly two, we’ll see how it goes) (And these should go pretty quick. One is for my friend Tom, and the other is the obligatory sister’s boyfriend hat — i.e. knit with pretty thick yarn.)  

Something for my grandfather. I have no clue. Maybe some socks.

I think that this is quite do-able. But I won’t add anything to this list untill I finish everything on it.

 Happy Tuesday!


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