Grey Sunday, Rain is battering

Ohio is cold and wet today. I’m lying on the bed, gotta love a laptop, and writing this in the pale grey light that streams though the window. It’s cold and I shiver, despite the woolly warmth of the Gonarreah sweater.

All the foregoing reads like poetry, and a poor prose it is. (Very seldom does poetry involve STD’s.) Let me think of what I have and haven’t told you. I am currently at work on scrubbie number six. I would post a picture of this, but it really doesn’t deserve that dignity. These things take so little time to make that they’re disposable knitting. It’s just as easy to make another one, as it is to fix one. Not to mention I’ve got these thing spread all across Northeast Ohio, and I’m not fixing all of them.

I’ve also got the Tam group. I’m at work on number three. (Oh dear god, I’m starting to number all my knitting. Help.) I’ve gotten a lot done, considering that I started it last night. This is by far the best one yet, I’m in love with the pattern. I would show you them now, but A, they are Christmas presents, and B, I want to get a group shot.

Last night was the Christmas show down at the Coffeehouse. Every show from now till the twenty-fifth will be a Christmas show, mostly because it’s hard to do a non-Chistmas show when there is a tree behind you, and lights in the window. It’s also hard to do something without a holiday theme in a place that has eggnog flavored coffee. (No where near as good as it sounds.) Granted it was only a holiday show in theory, sort of the same way that I am a good person. (Only on the surface.)

Then there was a long cold walk home through the dark streets of my home town. Cold hands in my pockets, a numb nose, not a even a hat on my head. I arrived home and then spent the next six hours in a book. Isn’t there anything better than that?

Friday night was spent digging out the remnants of that knitting needle out of my foot. I’d been living with it for a week and while I hated to part with it, I’m feeling a great sense of relief that it’s gone. Like some of my friends said, “It’d be a shame to have to go through all that work for your foot only to have it cut off.”

Today shall be a very dull day, as are most rainy days. I know that this will sound rather silly but I love a dull day, boring and grey. I get things done and feel sort of like how all those people in northern Scotland must feel. The weather today is very Shetland- like. (Cold and wet.) The damp has crept into the house, probably to stay till about May. In celebration of this, I’m going to go work on my Tam. Have a good Sunday evening.


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