Random on my Grandmother’s Birthday.

1. Last night, instead of knitting at Barnes and Nobel with the knitters, as is our custom, we went to one of the member’s houses. We don’t do this often, but she’s been through a lot building this house. (A crooked/bankrupt builder who took money and didn’t do the work. The moment she got the keys in her hand I’m certain she wept out of joy.) We had knitting at her house last night, and I’m sure a wonderful time was had by all. We didn’t leave till almost midnight, so I’m yawning through my day today. (She, unlike Barnes and Nobel doesn’t close at ten.)

2. No, I didn’t have her permission to write this.

3. And yes, she does read this.

4. She is probably laughing her ass off now.

5. A. Hi Tracy!

5.B. While I’m giving shout outs, Happy Birthday Gonna! Hope it’s a good one!

5.C. I think blogs are much better for wishing happy birthdays than Facebook.

5.D. By the way, you’d all score me great Grandson points if you say something in the comments. No pressure. At all. Well, maybe a little. Pressure is good. A powerful motivator, I say. (I do have competition from the young one. No longer the only grandson.)

6. I knit a shit-ton of lace edging last night. I need nine scallops for one edge. I had two when I got there, I left with almost eight. I would call that a good evenings knitting, no?

7. After knitting about 25 of these little scallops since  May, I have almost all the rows memorized. I wish this had happened sooner, but better late than never. The edging is not quite as painful to knit as it was the last time I had a bought with it, but it’s still hardly anything resmebling fun.

8. After I finish this edge, I’ll go on to knit the next one, so once I’m done with it, I’m really, truly done with it. I look forward to that day.

9. It’ll be a while before that comes though, as much as I hate to admit that. I must get this Christmas show on the road. I’ve got a fair amount left to do. A hat, a few Tams, slippers, scrubbies. It’s do-able, but I must stay on track. I’ve got 26 days.

10. Pardon my french, but oh shit.  26 days.It’s go time people! Get on track! Toe the line! Take no prisoners! Stare down the barrel of the gun! PEE INTO THE WIND! And make some tea.

(By the way, if someone wants to drop by and clean my house right around the 23rd, that would be great. If you could bring some cookies with you, fantastic, but I’ll take what I can get. )


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