I’ve trapped my last fish

Last Sunday, after writing that I could finish off the Fishtrap Aran if only I would sit down and work on it, I sat down and did just that. I’m starting to learn to do things like that. (That’ll greatly help me pull of this whole Christmas thing.) I knit the button bands, knit in the one-row button holes. (What Fun! To big though.) I  did a sewn bind off around the whole bloody thing, which took about three hours, and I had to change the thread about four times. I put on the buttons, using two different kinds because I’m cool that way. I washed it last night, put it on the table to dry.

Today I put it on to model it for you. I was utterly pleased with the cables, and was ignoring that the armhole is too small. (My fault, I sort of skimmed that part of KW where she tells you to make the armhole big enough.) Anyway, as I slid my arm in to the sleeve, I heard a pop.

I’m sure all the knitters know what I’m talking about. That moment where you hear something go wrong with your knitting and you’re hoping, hoping that it’ll be something that can easily be fixed.I looked, certain that something big had happened, like the sleeve had fallen off and it was unwinding itself as it fell to floor, or that the button band had decided that it was too good for this sweater and bailed. Any number of bad things could have happened, some of them without personifying my sweater.

It wasn’t that bad, just a shoulder seem well, ceasing to be a shoulder seam. I’ve got a huge gap right in the middle of it, which I must fix soon, because it was my plan to wear it today, and I’m a little cold without it.

Have some pictures, even with the holes.


There we are. I’m glad to be done with this one, as fun as it was to knit. (And as much whining and complaining as I did, you would get the notion that this wasn’t a pleasant knit.) It was knit with a grey yarn I picked up on a cone at Goodwill. (The biggest problem about Goodwill — it’s often to hard to see what it’s made of and how much you have.) The blue is from a sweater I pulled apart last month. I think they complement each other nicely. The pattern was mentioned in KW but further expanded in Knitter’s Almanac. I knit it at 5 stitches to an inch, on a US 3. I started it on. . . Well, I forgot to write that down, but it was a while ago, I can tell you that much. It took at least a month, but that was with many, many forays into other knitting.

It’s a light, warm sweater that I’m sure will make a handsome addition to my growing pile of handknit sweaters. I have a large amount of them . . . 15 for myself, plus both of my parents have one. Granted, there’s a lot of them that I won’t where in public, but when I first finished them I was quite please with them.

At any rate, snow and frost have come to Ohio. Sunday night I put some handknit socks out on the deck to dry, and went to bed forgetting all about them. When I got up and went running the next morning they were frozen stiff. I wish I would have thought to take a picture.



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